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In A Walk in the Woods, Age Is Just a Number

1 year ago by Stephanie Zacharek
A sense of humor will take you far in life, even along a daunting stretch of the Appalachian Trail. In his hugely popular 1998 book A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson chronicled his attempt to hike the full length of the trail, from Georgia to Maine, accompanied by an...

Ten Characters to Watch in Orange is the New Black, Season Three

1 year ago by Inkoo Kang
Prison life is reliably repetitive, but conditions can be frighteningly unstable, too. Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, which returned June 12 for its third season, reflects that paradoxical state of affairs by delivering more of the same — heartfelt but complicated relationships, inspired capers, compelling personalities, stomach-twisting flips in...

Studio Ghibli's Latest Animation Import Blossoms at the Sie FilmCenter

2 years ago by Keith Garcia
Fans of Japanese animation had their hearts broken last February when director Hayao Miyazaki announced that his film The Wind Rises would be his last and that Studio Ghibli, the animation house that has yet to produce a film that didn't resonate with or steal the hearts of millions of...

Last Vegas Is Like a Reverse Mentos Commercial Starring Old Guys

3 years ago by Chris Packham
It’s a dumbfounding irony that the fiction of the “entitled, selfish millennial” was invented by Baby Boomers. The generation that created Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon grew up to be weirdly deaf to irony, and probably won’t even get what a damning metaphor Last Vegas accidentally turns out to...

Eight great Western comedies you should watch

2 years ago by Show and Tell
The Western genre isn't entirely comprised of spaghetti or John Wayne talking out the side of his mouth: From its earliest days, filmmakers were putting a comic spin on stories set on the dusty trail, with the genre hitting its apex between the mid '70s and mid '80s. We've gathered...

The Help is full of powerful villains and disenfranchised heroes

5 years ago by Karina Longworth
More than just the Hollywood It Girl of the moment, Emma Stone is a real actress, and in The Help, she gets an ostentatious, Oscar-baiting Big Scene in which to prove it. Stone is, to borrow a phrase from Bret Easton Ellis's Twitter account, thoroughly post-empire — she doesn't need...

The Proposal

7 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Fifteen minutes after seeing The Proposal, I'd forgotten I'd seen The Proposal. Well, that's not entirely true: By then, it had simply merged in my memory with a thousand other films just like it — those in which phony lovers bound together by dubious circumstances become honest-to-kissin' couples in just...

Four Christmases

8 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
To brand, then dismiss, Four Christmases as a disappointment would be giving it too much credit — never, for a second, did this New Line Cinema cast-off scream or even whisper decent in the run-up to its opening. The story of couple Kate (Reese Witherspoon) and Brad (Vince Vaughn) —...

Step Brothers

8 years ago by Scott Foundas
I haven't seen much at the movies in the past two years that has given me as much unbridled comic pleasure as the sight of Will Ferrell as the win-at-any-cost NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby, calling on Jesus, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey to put out the psychosomatic flames engulfing his...

Whistling Dixie

20 years ago by Bill Gallo
There are some pretty good reasons why it took 44 years for Truman Capote's coming-of-age novel The Grass Harp to make its way to the movies. There are even better reasons why the movie's on-again, off-again release schedule has meandered across most of the last nine months. First off, Capote's...


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