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$18 Million Settlement in Medicare Fraud Case

2 months ago by Alan Prendergast
One of the country's leading hospice-care providers has agreed to pay $18 million to the federal government to resolve claims that it improperly billed Medicare for end-of-life care for patients who weren't terminally ill. The case, which we first reported on in 2014, has its origins in a Colorado lawsuit...

Reader: Show an ID When I'm on Medicare? No Thanks!

2 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
There are all kinds of happy hours in Denver, from the glitzy to the grim, the highbrow to the 'hood. This week, Chris Utterback visited what could be the ultimate neighborhood bar, the Rosa Mia Inn, which is under new ownership but has the same old friendly vibe that dates...

Feds Give Denver $3.5M to Permanently House Hundreds of the City's Homeless

3 months ago by Chris Walker
Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration has faced tough criticism in recent months over how Denver is approaching the issue of homelessness. Many advocates have condemned crowded shelters and enforcement actions, like the controversial street sweeps that made headlines during March and April of this year, charging that the city would do...

Medicare Fraud Case Claims Optum Put Patients in Hospice Care Who Weren't Terminal

2 years ago by Alan Prendergast
The U.S. Justice Department has decided to join in a federal lawsuit filed by two Colorado whistleblowers; it alleges that a national palliative care provider improperly billed Medicare millions of dollars for hospice services provided to patients who weren't terminally ill. The suit against Optum Palliative and Hospice Care claims...

MMJ for Vets Amendment Passes Senate Committee, But Will it Make the Final Cut?

5 months ago by Thomas Mitchell
Last week the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations voted in favor of an amendment to a federal funding bill that would allow Veterans Affairs doctors to discuss and recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states where MMJ is legal. Approved 20-10, the bipartisan Veterans Equal Access Amendment to the 2017...

50 States Ranked by Excessive Drinking — and Colorado's Drinking Problem

8 months ago by Michael Roberts
Back in 2014, we shared Centers for Disease Control figures showing where several major Colorado cities ranked as measured by binge drinking. The results weren't especially positive — and data from the United Health Foundation’s annual health rankings suggest that the trend has yet to be reversed. There's plenty of good...

John McCain Medicare-scare robocalls target Michael Bennet

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
Yesterday, an amendment sponsored by Colorado Senator Michael Bennet guaranteeing no Medicare benefit takeaways because of healthcare reform passed 100-0. Among those voting for it: Arizona's John McCain, who's featured in current Benet-targeting robocalls claiming that healthcare legislation would "[cut] vital Medicare coverage for our seniors." Lauren Weiner, spokeswoman for...

Republican Debate Recap: Bush, Batshit and Fantasy

11 months ago by Andy Juett
Well. That was the least crazy Republican debate in recent memory. Those who are familiar with my personal politics know that this admission comes with some amount of sadness. For so many reasons, I’m not particularly fond of this batch of 19 Duggars and counting — er, Republican presidential candidates. In...

A Gay Couple Accuses the Denver Housing Authority of Persecution

1 year ago by Melanie Asmar
Around midnight, there was a pounding at the door of the brick two-story rental house near City Park where Todd and Stan Lobato-Wright lived with their nine-year-old adopted son. It was the Denver police. They’d come to arrest the two men. Their alleged crime? Not drugs or robbery or murder...

Senate Committee Approves Medical Marijuana for Veterans

1 year ago by Thomas Mitchell
Congress can't seem to get the veterans hospital in Aurora straightened out, but a Senate Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to a Veterans Affairs funding bill yesterday that would allow Veterans Health Administration doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients in states where it is legal. The 2016 Military Construction,...


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