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How a Citizen Revolt Snuffed the 1976 Denver Winter Olympics

3 months ago by Alan Prendergast
Tucked away in the archives of the Denver Public Library is a fourteen-minute film called “The Denver Olympic Story.” An introductory note claims that it dates from 1964, but the contents indicate that it was put together much later, around 1969. It is, in any case, an artifact of a...

Denver Can Sweep the Homeless – but It Can't Sweep Away the Evidence

5 days ago by Chris Walker
Early on the morning of July 13, police officers arrived en masse at Confluence Park, as expected — only there were a lot more of them than seemed necessary. This was the moment that members of the advocacy group Denver Homeless Out Loud were waiting for; they wanted to document...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Michael Henry

4 months ago by Susan Froyd
#80: Michael Henry New York native Michael Henry shuffled off from Buffalo, got an MFA at Emerson College and eventually ended up in Denver, where he and partner Andrea Dupree founded Lighthouse Writers Workshop in 1997, promising the community a beacon of literary arts where authors at all levels and...

Forrest Fenn's $2M Treasure Is a Hoax, Says Ex of Man Who Died Looking for It

25 days ago by Michael Roberts
A few weeks back, we published a Q&A with Forrest Fenn, the New Mexico eccentric who says he hid $2 million in gold and jewels "somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe" as a way of getting people to experience nature rather than simply "sitting on the couch playing...

Solid Gold: Seven Fun Facts About Olympic Medals

1 month ago by Westword
More than a thousand gold medals are now hanging around the necks of American athletes who've participated in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. But how much do you know about those medals? Here are seven fascinating facts courtesy the Money Museum in Colorado Springs, which is currently hosting an exhibit...

Forrest Fenn on Death of Randy Bilyeu, Ongoing Hunt for $2 Million Treasure

2 months ago by Michael Roberts
Authorities in Santa Fe, New Mexico recently confirmed that human remains found in wilderness outside the city have been positively identified as Randy Bilyeu, a 54-year-old from Broomfield. In January, Bilyeu disappeared after heading to New Mexico to look for treasure — specifically what's described as a $2 million cache...

Meet Eight Colorado Natives Competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics

2 months ago by Michael Roberts
Today brings the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — and while many will be watching to find out if the games turn into a literal shit show (thanks to reports about water tainted by feces), those of us in Colorado have another reason to...

We've Got the Cure for Cabin Fever During a Denver Winter

9 months ago by Michael Roberts
Denver blog posts like to get out and about. At Westword Arts, Brad Weismann presents eight great cures for cabin fever during a Colorado winter. Coyote Gulch cites a CU Boulder report documenting that the mountains west of Boulder continue to lose ice as the climate warms. Mike Keefe at The...

Alex Head Update: Body Recovered From Colorado River ID'd as Missing Teen

2 months ago by Michael Roberts
The death of Haley Clarke, nineteen, over the 4th of July weekend has been linked by authorities to adventurism. A San Juan County undersheriff says Clarke lost her life after "jumping the falls" — the Cascade waterfall, a site ballyhooed on social media and beyond by extreme sports lovers. In...

Tour a Colorado Ghost Town You Can Buy on Craigslist

3 months ago by Michael Roberts
"Ghost Town for Sale!! $350,000." That's the opening pitch of a Craigslist ad for Cabin Creek, Colorado, a collection of buildings off Highway 36 in Adams County, near Byers, about a 45 minute drive to Denver. And while the offer has gotten loads of attention thus far, owner James Johnson admits...


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