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Tour Diary: Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity check in from the road on their first tour

3 years ago by Britt Chester
Over the next few weeks, we will be following Project Aspect (Jay Jaramillo) and Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) as they tour around the country on their first national tour. The pair have grown together collectively in the scene as the Mile High Sound Movement. The two will crisscross the country...

Air Force sex assaults: Prevention chief arrested ten years after scandal at Air Force Academy

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
The arrest of Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski on charges of sexual assault in Virginia has drawn condemnation from officials as high-ranking as President Barack Obama, and no wonder. After all, he was the Air Force's chief of sexual-assault prevention. Krusinski is also a graduate of the Air Force Academy in...

Follow That Story

13 years ago by Julie Jargon
Former Air Force Academy cadet DonCosta Seawell was returned to a military correctional facility on February 9 -- just 42 days after his release. Seawell had been sent to the Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in San Diego in 2002 after pleading guilty to forcibly sodomizing a disabled civilian woman. (Two...

Where Are They Now?

13 years ago by Julie Jargon
Women who say they were raped by fellow cadets at the United States Air Force Academy will finally get a chance to tell their stories directly to the people most able to help them: the Senate Armed Services Committee. Jessica Brakey, a cadet who was kicked out of the academy...

The War Within

14 years ago by Julie Jargon
Lisa Ballas arrived at the party in good spirits. In fact, everyone there was. Their school football team just beat the University of Wyoming 24-13, steaks were grilling, the television was tuned to sports, and they were ready to celebrate. The group of about fifteen students gathered at the Aurora...

Acess Denied

17 years ago by Michael Roberts
The air's not dead at Boulder's Community Access TV, but it sure isn't feeling very good. In January, Ron Secrist, Boulder's city manager, put a new CATV contract for the year 2000 on hold until after a review panel appointed by the city council investigates charges that the organization is...

Christmas Seasoning

20 years ago by Michael Roberts
When it came time to categorize the more than thirty holiday releases I've received this year for our annual seasonal-CD roundup, I made an odd discovery: The discs fell into more different brackets than ever before. In general, this proved to be a good thing. But as usual, many of...


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