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What Shows Should Make the TV Canon? Two Critics Decide in TV (The Book)

9 days ago by Craig D. Lindsey
At first glance, TV (The Book), which came out last week, may look like a survey of what two respected TV critics consider to be the greatest television shows of all time. But, really, it’s a book about friendship. The joint authors of this tome, Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller...

There Is a TV News Show That Makes Sense of This Election: Showtime's The Circus

12 days ago by Sherilyn Connelly
The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth airs Sundays on Showtime In filmmaking, an assembly cut is when recent dailies are strung together in rough narrative order to create the first, very raw draft of the movie. Though it by no means lacks polish or editorial intent, Showtime's...

The State of the Comedy Game Show: Notes on Match Game and Celebrity Family Feud

2 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Alec Baldwin is no Steve Harvey. Unlike Harvey, Baldwin seems diminished on the set of a retro '70s game show dedicated to getting contestants to say gently dirty nonsense. On ABC’s baggy, boozy Match Game, Baldwin crabs into a skinny last-century microphone about how everything’s stupid: his celebrity panelists, the...

The Broke Music Fan's Guide to Denver: Free TV

1 month ago by Brett Callwood
It's been a while since music fans depended on TV channels like MTV to get their fix of new and favorite music. Today devices like Roku and Apple TV are becoming increasingly popular as people realize that the big cable companies are charging a hell of a lot of money for...

A Toast to the Epic Dada Madness of The Eric Andre Show

18 days ago by Craig D. Lindsey
Before The Eric Andre Show came along, I always thought acting like a complete lunatic on television was mostly a white-people thing. As a culture, African-Americans generally frown upon the idea of being unabashedly clownish for the masses — black folks call it “showing your ass.” All those years of...

The Creators of They Still Live on Making Modern Art Out of Ancient African Art

3 months ago by Lindsey Bartlett
Paul Hamilton owns one of the country's largest private collections of African art, which fills his three-story Five Points home: up the stairs, down in the basement, out in the garage. Over 800 artifacts are stashed into every crevice imaginable.  Now artist and photographer Thomas Evans has brought Hamilton's collection to...

Reviewed: Women of Abstract Expressionism, Translating Milk Into Milk (Both Closing), More

2 days ago by Michael Paglia
This is a good weekend to get out and see art, with some of this year's big shows nearing the end of their run. Keep reading for capsule reviews of current exhibits in metro Denver.  Closing this weekend: Transforming Milk Into Milk. The handsome Transforming Milk Into Milk, in the...

Galleries: Rule Reopens, a Supernova Preview, Iron Works and More

2 days ago by Susan Froyd
New beginnings — a new space, a new arts festival, sculptures forged in fire — pop up on the Denver arts scene this weekend. Here are some spots where you should pop in, too. Scott Young: Wish You Were Here Rule Gallery 530 Santa Fe Drive September 23 through November...

Five Films You Need to See in Denver This Weekend

2 days ago by Westword Staff
This weekend, we welcome the highly-anticipated Western The Magnificent Seven and watch Andy Samberg as a bizarre bird in Storks and Zac Efron dive into bully-hazing rituals in Goat. All will be showing just down the street from you, Denver! Here are the five best film openings to indulge in this weekend. Click the movie...

Twenty Tastiest Events on Denver's Culinary Calendar for September 23-25

2 days ago by Ben Landreth
DISH, Westword's annual celebration of the Denver dining scene, will be dishing up food and fun in Sculpture Park on Sunday. But there are plenty of other events around town where you can whet your appetite for the main course, from Oktoberfest parties to the big DSTILL showcase. Keep reading...


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