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Iron & Wine/Calexico

11 years ago by Eryc Eyl
There are two routes taken on most collaborations between distinctive musicians. Either one fantastic sound disappears while the other dominates (see Damon Albarn's Gorillaz or those electronic tracks with Neil Tennant on lead vocals), or both sounds disappear and a lifeless, unremarkable disgrace remains (see Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, the Thorns)...

The Postal Service at Red Rocks, 5/30/13

3 years ago by Jon Solomon
THE POSTAL SERVICE @ RED ROCKS | 5/30 "We had to cancel last night because I lost my voice, but I've got it back, kinda sorta," Ben Gibbard told a packed house last night at Red Rocks, referring to scrapping the previous night's gig in Salt Lake City. "And by...

Johnny Marr on how he created the sound for "How Soon Is Now?" without effects pedals

3 years ago by Tom Murphy
Johnny Marr is an iconic and influential guitarist best known for his work in the Smiths, which broke up in 1987. His guitar phrases and his genius for crafting textured and tonally rich rhythmic leads has influenced countless rock guitarists of the last quarter-century. Since leaving the Smiths, Marr hasn't...

Pet Shop Boys

14 years ago by Kelly Lemieux
Despite their now-ghetto categorization, the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure helped define electronica when today's stars were still in diapers. New releases from each band help restore some honor to their oft-underestimated legacies. The Pet Shop Boys' Disco 3 is a followup to 1986's Disco, an album that, along with...

Animal Instincts

17 years ago by Jenny Shank
Andy Warhol once wrote, "A person is entitled to the lighting they need." It's a philosophy the Pet Shop Boys seem to have taken to heart throughout the two-decade span of their careers as dance-music innovators. The Boys peaked during the synth-pop happy Eighties, thus ensuring that their songs would...

Just One Hitch

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
One should expect little from the man who has directed an Olsen twins movie (It Takes Two, the one with Steve Guttenberg, no less), Matthew Perry's first Friends-to-film entry (Fools Rush In, its title an apparent nod to audiences who went to see it), and Sweet Home Alabama, one of...


19 years ago by Michael Roberts
The Smashing Pumpkins Adore (Virgin) This is the best Pumpkins album to date by a very great distance, in large part because it hardly rocks at all. Few tunes on the disc get within thirty beats per minute of up-tempo, and those that do--such as "Ava Adore," the platter's first...

In a Depeche Mode

18 years ago by Kelly Lemieux
Like Burt Reynolds, Depeche Mode tends to be viewed as either comically irrelevant or deserving of more praise than it usually receives. But no one denies the staying power of these doomy dance-pop veterans. The band has been around for eighteen years, yet the act's current worldwide jaunt in support...

Everything but the DJ

16 years ago by Kelly Lemieux
Sometimes, a couple of good lines from a pop song can explain in a few words what otherwise might take an hour: "Consider for a minute who you are/Then decide it's time to re-invent yourself/Like Liz before Betty, she after Sean/Suddenly you're missing, then you're reborn." Neil Tennant's pithy lyric...

Like a Prayer

16 years ago by Kelly Lemieux
Madonna opens up her latest full-length CD -- the ten-million-plus-selling Music -- with a small request: "Hey, Mr. DJ," she says, "put a record on. I wanna dance with my baby." While the Material Girl's intentions are never easily deciphered, she seems to be addressing one Victor Calderone, the current...


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