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The Latest Noels

15 years ago by Michael Roberts
This year, in particular, many of us can use the sort of reassurance that traditional music offers, which is why seasonal CDs will likely appeal to more people than ever. But all Christmas platters aren't created equal. Several of the newest albums deserve a spot under practically anyone's tree, whereas...


21 years ago by Michael Roberts
It's not easy to make creative holiday music. Writing a seasonal classic is all but impossible; besides, it takes years to know if you've succeeded. And while it's a snap to cover old favorites, the extraordinary familiarity of the material prevents all but the most innovative performers from doing anything...

Paul Noel Fiorino: A Denver mayor's race profile

6 years ago by Michael Roberts
With John Hickenlooper now Colorado's governor, we know Denver will soon have a new mayor, and the race promises to be wide open. To introduce you to the players, we're offering profiles of official candidates. Next up: Paul Noel Fiorino. "We're trying to become a creative capitol for the Rocky...

Beer Calendar: Ugly Sweaters and New Brews Across Denver and Boulder

10 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
Denver's most brewery-centered neighborhood will get even more crowded next year when MicroStar Logistics, which supplies kegs to craft breweries around the country, moves from Greenwood Village to River North. The company will take 13,000 square feet of space in Gauge, at 35th and Wazee streets, a new project from...

What to Do on Colorado's Ski Slopes: December 2015

10 months ago by Show and Tell
It's here. The winter snow sports season has arrived. Most of the resorts are open — with the rest making plans for this month. But there is already plenty to do out there. You can read about what's new at each resort in the Edge, our winter sports guide, which...

Fans sue Red Rocks over rockfall injuries

2 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Neon lights cut through the darkness that filled Red Rocks Amphitheatre just before 1 a.m. on September 11, 2011. On stage, Sound Tribe Sector 9 started to play the final song of its encore, a meandering track called "Baraka" that starts out like a trippy lullaby punctuated by throbbing bass...

Red Rocks revenue doubles in five years, and here's why

2 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Revenue from Red Rocks Amphitheatre has been steadily increasing, according to numbers provided by the city of Denver, which owns Red Rocks. In 2006, for example, the iconic venue pulled in $5.7 million in revenue, and the total five years ago was just over $7 million. By 2013, the projected...

The Night Goth Music Came to Longmont's Dickens Opera House

1 year ago by Tom Murphy
Driving into Longmont from Denver on Highway 119, you will see a vast, seemingly abandoned factory complex that looks like it hasn't been used in decades. This sight wasn't so uncommon in Denver at the turn of the century, but now, it's largely unheard of. The city is changing, and...

Greenwood Village Blinks: Owner, Couple Living in SWAT House to Get Help

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
At this writing, more than seventeen hours have passed since police engaged a man wanted for shoplifting at a Greenwood Village-area Walmart store. In and of itself, stealing merchandise from a box store doesn't sound like the crime of the century. But the incident has escalated into a standoff that...

Over the Weekend: Ween at Red Rocks

7 years ago by A.H. Goldstein
Ween, Meat Puppets Red Rocks Amphitheatre September 5, 2009 Better than: Seeing Gene Ween play a solo show. Ween's live shows have always seemed better suited to smaller stages, where the soaring, sharp guitar tones of Dean Ween (aka Mickey Melchiondo, Jr.) and the tongue-in-cheek vocal stylings of Geen Ween...


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