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Reviewed: Women of Abstract Expressionism, Translating Milk Into Milk (Both Closing), More

2 days ago by Michael Paglia
This is a good weekend to get out and see art, with some of this year's big shows nearing the end of their run. Keep reading for capsule reviews of current exhibits in metro Denver.  Closing this weekend: Transforming Milk Into Milk. The handsome Transforming Milk Into Milk, in the...

Reviewed: Expanding the Dialogue, Stephen Batura, Ana Maria Hernando and More

9 days ago by Michael Paglia
This is your last chance to see Drawing Never Dies at RedLine, which closes at 7 p.m. today, August 5. Keep reading for my capsule review of that show, as well as other exhibits you can still catch along the Front Range. — including Performance on Paper, which I review...

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in July

3 months ago by Byron Graham
As Denverites roast their way through international hot dog month during the high plains heat, opportunities abound to chortle away the evenings in air-conditioned comfort. Fittingly for a month named after an Emperor, July has a legion of comedic delights ready to lay siege to our city's sweaty audiences — everything...

Crossroads Theater in Five Points Is at a Crossroads — Again

3 months ago by Brian Badzmierowski
In 2011, five talented Denver high-school grads dropped out of college after their freshman year and formed a theater troupe. Crossroads Theater, a 105-seat venue on Welton Street then managed by the City of Denver, was the first place to give the group a chance. The city was offering cheap...

How Lower Downtown Denver Went From LoDo to BroDo

4 months ago by Chris Walker
The dance floor at Lodo’s Bar and Grill is ready to pop. At 9 p.m. on a Friday night, the place feels like a party’s about to break out, and the DJ clearly senses it, raising his fist and yelling, “Yeahhhhh! Where my Bieber fans at?” But not everyone is...

Expect Farting Corpses and Talking Hot Dogs in This Summer's Movies

4 months ago by Chris Klimek
There was a time when the summer movie season was a season, sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. By the 21st century, the start date drifted back to the first weekend in May. This year, the superhero flicks started arriving with Deadpool’s release on February 12. Only two...

Seven Boozy Run Clubs for Fans of Fitness and Drinking

4 months ago by Amy Thomson
Next time you’re trying to get off the couch to burn some calories, try reaching for a beer — or get yourself nice and hung over to motivate a trip to the gym. The doctors agree; according to a national survey, drinking is associated with a ten-percent increase in “exercising...


Horror, SciFi/Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller

Twelve Essential Scrooges to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

9 months ago by Brad Weismann
Why do we love A Christmas Carol so much that we see it again and again, year after year? It’s an annual pageant of redemption that gives us a villain we get to boo, and a reformed soul we get to cheer. Scrooge stands in for our guilty and regretful...

The Mile High City Has Inspired Creations From the Denver Boot to John Denver

10 months ago by Kyle Wagner
Oh, James W. Denver, you lucky dude. How many people get not only an omelet named after them, but also a wheel clamp and a steak? In 1858, when land speculator William Larimer renamed the St. Charles settlement at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platt e River...


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