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Killing Osama Bin Laden: Gary Brooks Faulkner makes Colorado's (anti) terrorist beat

6 years ago by J. David McSwane
Colorado's reputation as a breeding ground for gun-toting xenophobes and religious fanatics got a nice boost today when a Greeley man -- armed with a pistol, a forty-inch sword and some hashish -- was detained in northern Pakistan after he tried to cross over into Afghanistan and avenge the 9/11...

Zazi learns media spins only goes so far

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
A blog last Wednesday noted that Aurora-based Najibullah Zazi had taken an unusual tack in dealing with allegations of complicity in a New York-based terror plot, lawyering up and making himself available to limited media interviews. But while this may have seemed canny from a PR perspective (the Denver Post's...

Pretty in pink turns coyote ugly in Greenwood Village

Denver's public-art program has attracted plenty of attention over the last year, first with "Mustang" and then "National Velvet" capturing the public's eye — and ire. And now Greenwood Village has come up with its own artistic oeuvre: pink painted coyotes. As part of its continuing battle against an influx...

"Gunny" Bob Newman leaves KOA for mysterious new assignment

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
As a former Marine gunnery sergeant, KOA radio host Bob Newman comes by his combativeness naturally. When politically liberal Colorado Media Matters, staffed by some of his most persistent critics, collapsed in March, Gunny Bob gleefully kicked the organization when it was down (and out) via a couple of for-publication...

Top Ten

15 years ago by Michael Roberts
On October 7, the Denver Post published a pair of articles commemorating the six-month anniversary of its joint operating agreement with the Rocky Mountain News -- and predictably, the pact, which combined the longtime rivals' business operations, was portrayed as a timely compromise. Staffer Kelly Pate's main report acknowledged that...


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