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The Ten Best Film Events in Denver in January

9 months ago by Keith Garcia
The new year is upon us and with it comes twelve more months ready to be filled to the brim with films, be they classic or new, fancy or just famous. We continue to be lucky to host such robust and varied cinematic possibilities in our city and so, after...

J. Hoberman's top ten of 2010...and beyond

6 years ago by J. Hoberman
Many of my favorite films of the year are still awaiting wider release, so although this top-ten list wraps up my 2010, it can also serve as a guide to your 2011. My number-one film, in fact, sneaks into New York just three days before the year ends: The Strange...

DIA Conspiracies Take Off

9 years ago by Jared Jacang Maher
"Have you ever been through the Denver airport? It's strange. It's one of the busiest, but I'm telling you, it's weird. There's a firestorm of people talking about this thing." Especially on June 11, when George Noory devotes all four hours of Coast to Coast, his nationally syndicated talk-radio program...

Putt Seriously, Folks

10 years ago by Adam Cayton-Holland
The problem with being a creative person in Colorado is that in order to get truly big, you have to leave. There are a few exceptions, of course: the author who carves a successful career from his Boulder home, the painter who gains renown out of his LoDo studio, the...

Pop Quiz

13 years ago by Ernie Tucker
1. How many pancake breakfasts could Bronco Daryl Gardener have bought at the Aurora IHOP (where he hurt his hand in a fight last summer) with the salary he's expected to lose from a one-game suspension? A. About 500, give or take. B. None. He's known as a selfish guy,...

Westword Music Showcase 2007

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of the Westword Music Showcase! This year's Showcase, set for Saturday, June 16, in the Golden Triangle, is bigger and better than ever (yes, I know we say that every year, but it happens to be true). For starters, the all-ages Outdoor Stage has moved...

Letters to the Editor

Last Writes The easy way out: Thanks to Michael Roberts for "Death Wish," his Message in the March 31 issue. I hate almost every take on Hunter Thompson's death that I've read. He's no hero for his final act. This was one last pimp -- only to the whole world...

Feels Like Eighty Days

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
You might think that with the technological advances in moviemaking since 1956, this new version of Around the World in 80 Days would at least look better than its predecessor did. You could not be faulted for believing you'd be wowed by the Rube Goldberg gadgets of inventor Phileas Fogg,...

Letters to the Editor

It Was the Best of Times... Readers' digest: Always enjoy your Best of Denver issue -- discovering new places to eat, people-watch, shop, etc. Almost as enjoyable is reading the readers' choices. A few always stun me, and this year is no exception: 1) Best Hair on a Media Personality...

What Lies Beneath

15 years ago by Harrison Fletcher
Phil Carpenter supervises Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins. Over the years, he's uncovered his share of unusual problems. Grandview was built in 1887. Back then, administrators weren't exactly meticulous about their records. In fact, at the turn of the last century and well into the Great Depression, when poverty and...


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