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Reviewed: Water by the Spoonful, Murder Ballad, Suddenly Last Summer (All Closing), Three More

3 days ago by Juliet Wittman
Buntport Theater Company is kicking off the fall season by bringing back Middle Aged People Sitting in Boxes;  the show opens tomorrow. Here's our capsule review of the original production: A clothesline on which tops and bras are hung spans the stage. Other than that, the set consists of four shrouded...

Playbill: Raunch at Avenue, a Buntport Rerun and DIY With Wormwood

25 days ago by Susan Froyd
Whether you like your theater ribald, incredibly creative or made up on the spot, there’s something new for you on a stage in Denver this week. The curtain's rising on a new season; sit yourself down at one of these three shows: The Money Shot Avenue Theater September 1 through...

Author David Forsyth on Lakeside Myths, the City Beautiful and Laffing Sal

3 months ago by Bree Davies
A mythical and misunderstood place, Lakeside Amusement Park stands as one of Colorado's most enduring and fascinating cultural treasures. Opened and in operation since 1908, the family-owned park was not only a prominent player in Mayor Robert Speer's vision for Denver as part of the City Beautiful movement, but also...

Behind the Scenes at the Flaming Lips Rehearsal With the Colorado Symphony

4 months ago by Chris Walker
The Flaming Lips is rehearsing with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and they're having trouble getting in sync. It takes a few attempts to realize the problem: The violin section is missing three measures from its sheet music. “Don’t worry! We will reprint it before tomorrow,” conductor André de Ridder assures the...

Review: Art of the State 2016 Delivers Mixed Signals at Arvada Center

7 months ago by Michael Paglia
Collin Parson, exhibition manager for the Arvada Center, has made highlighting Colorado art his prime directive. He did so with his first Art of the State in 2013, and now Art of the State 2016, a free-for-all juried show open to artists across Colorado, is on display in Arvada. From...

Artist House Tour: Dorothy Tanner Illuminates Westminster Home With Transcendent Artwork

11 months ago by Jeanne Connolly
Indie design blogger Jeanne Connolly loves to see how creative people put their houses together. In this series, she shares some of her favorite homes, taking us inside unique private spaces in Denver and beyond. Dorothy Tanner harnesses light and sound to transport her audience into another realm of reality. Her...

The Mayday Experiment: Moving Experiences and a Lifetime of Stuff

11 months ago by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
In a city of flux, it seems that everyone in my life is moving right now. And one of the main tenets of both being a good friend and being a person who owns stuff is that you need to accumulate and dole out “moving karma” – in other words,...

Spark Gallery Members Focus on Nature, Geometry and Repurposed Material

1 year ago by Michael Paglia
The intimate artist cooperative Spark Gallery is hosting three small solos. Installed in the east side of the space is Lydia Brokaw: Life Here…but a Different Reality Over There, which is made up of sculptures employing natural materials that are sometimes altered, like the gold-painted milkweed pods used as elements...

Ranker's Ten Most Famous People From Denver Includes a Porn Star

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
We love Ranker, since, as the website's name implies, it ranks just about anything and everything. Moreover, the results are often surprising, as seen in our previous roundups of the ten most famous attendees of CSU and the University of Denver. That definitely proved the case with the site's list...

Colorado Harvest Company

Colorado Harvest Company’s location on Yale Avenue looks like any other strip-mall dispensary on the outside, but inside it's a modern marijuana candyland. From the tricked-out, customized ’60s...
Marijuana - Recreational


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