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100 Colorado Creatives: Chandler Romeo and Reed Weimer

3 years ago by Susan Froyd
#18: Chandler Romeo and Reed Weimer Artists Chandler Romeo and Reed Weimer have been fixtures of the local scene since co-ops first began to pop up around 1980, building their Denver art careers first at Pirate gallery and later starting up Zip 37 just across Navajo Street. Over the years,...

Reed Weimer Espouses the Dirt-Crusted Details of the Old West on History Lessons

1 month ago by Ana Campbell
The story starts off something like this: One day, Reed Weimer's dad came home with an old Army Jeep, maybe from the Korean War, that had been painted tomato red. Weimer's dad told his son he could drive the clunker if he checked the oil regularly. Sure, Weimer said. But Weimer...

Reed Weimer talks new work, gallery drama and the birth of Navajo Street Art District

4 years ago by Bree Davies
Reed Weimer has been integral to the Navajo Street Arts District since its unofficial birth in the early '80s. He and his wife, Chandler Romeo, have worked side-by-side as both artists and landlords in this now-thriving art scene. Weimer -- whose paintings and prints hang in the Denver Art Museum,...

Bug Theatre

Denver’s Bug Theatre was originally built as a movie house in 1912 and passed through several different hands before landing in the hands of local artists Chandler Romeo and Reed Weimer. Since...

New Owners Have High Hopes for the World's Wonder View Tower

10 days ago by Patricia Calhoun
I was cruising I-70 two years ago when I spotted the “Museum Auction” sign on the World’s Wonder View Tower, a roadside attraction a hundred miles east of Denver on a rise that, at 5,741 feet, is the highest point between Denver and Kansas City, or Denver and Chicago, or...

Review: Art of the State 2016 Delivers Mixed Signals at Arvada Center

7 months ago by Michael Paglia
Collin Parson, exhibition manager for the Arvada Center, has made highlighting Colorado art his prime directive. He did so with his first Art of the State in 2013, and now Art of the State 2016, a free-for-all juried show open to artists across Colorado, is on display in Arvada. From...

Seven Pirate gallery alumni make a temporary comeback for a summer exhibition

3 years ago by Susan Froyd
In the thirty-plus years that Pirate Contemporary Art has been part of the Denver arts landscape, dozens of member artists have marched in and out of the trail-blazing cooperative's doors. Every once in a while, they come back. See also: - My first art purchase: a Louis Recchia piece from...

Gallery Sketches: Four Shows for First Friday in December

2 years ago by Susan Froyd
Plenty of Denver galleries will kick off December with shows of small and affordable art for the holidays. But there's much more to see this First Friday, and it's a good night to venture from the downtown area, where the Parade of Lights will create gridlock and parking nightmares, and...

Photos: Dia de los Muertos trading cards from the artists of Navajo Arts District

4 years ago by Bree Davies
Though Dia de los Muertos is officially November 2, this Saturday's Day of the Dead Artist Trading Card Workshop should provide some good preparation. From 12:30 to 4 p.m., galleries in the Navajo Street Art District are inviting artists of all kinds to create miniature pieces of work in the...

Can Denver's Billion-Dollar Stock Show Plan Save Neglected Neighborhoods?

1 year ago by Alan Prendergast
Kelly Leid does not favor snap-button shirts, Wranglers and Tony Lamas. He’s more of a polo-shirt-and-khakis guy. The headgear on display in his office includes hard hats but no cowboy hats, ten-gallon or otherwise. Yet Leid, a Colorado native, has a soft spot for the state’s Western heritage, and he’s...


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