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Lynn Skinner and Vonn Regensburger

14 years ago by Bill Gallo
Once a fixture on the Denver jazz club scene, singer Lynn Skinner has been keeping her own counsel of late. But Gems in the Rough, a new, self-produced collaboration with guitarist Vonn Regensberger, reaffirms her gift as a versatile stylist with a voice as appealing as old brandy. The material...

Reader: Westword's marijuana cover is perverted and debauched

"Garden of weedin'," William Breathes, November 1 A New Leaf Loved the "In the Beginning" illustration for the cannabis cover. It was the perfect image to show the world as "Colorado went to pot" with the passage of Amendment 64. Rae ReynoldsDenver If you have the Holy Bible on hand,...

Outgoing 9News anchor Bob Kendrick unloads on Rocky Mountain News article during college appearance

8 years ago by Michael Roberts
Bob Kendrick. Last week, I was invited to take part in a panel discussion at Thorton's Everest College about the impact of the media on crime victims. In front of a criminal justice class, I joined the Denver Post's Miles Moffeit, 9News anchor Bob Kendrick and June Menger, whose son’s...


22 years ago by Kyle Wagner
Brew news: Oktoberfest always reminds me of one splendid autumn evening when we sat in Munich's ridiculously touristy but fun Hoffbrau Haus with a bunch of eighty-year-old Germans who spoke not a lick of English. In lieu of verbal communication, they kept nodding their heads at us, grinning and drinking...


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