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Top 40 Men's Mug Shots of 2015

9 months ago by Michael Roberts
Earlier this week, we posted our top forty women's mug shots of 2015. Now, it's the men's turn — and included among their number are a smattering of celebrities (one known for screeching, plus a former reality-TV star, an ex-Denver Nugget and the heir to the Denver Broncos) and individuals...

Mom Charged in Child's Tragic Death and 20 More of January's Memorable Mug Shots

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
The story of Kristen Braig, charged with neglect after her three-year-old daughter, Lileigh Kellenaers, died in a fire that broke out when Braig was only about 200 feet away, is among the most tragic stories we reported in January -- and it also produced two of the month's indelible images...

Denver Police Department's Top Ten Recent Stupid Criminal Stories

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
Our Schmuck of the Week team recently offered a tip of the hat to the Denver Police Department for Facebooking the story of Andrew Blackman, whose escape from the cops went sour when he ran straight to a police station. And it's hardly the only tale of its type to...

A Christmas Carol Glows

14 years ago by Juliet Wittman
There's a power to Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol that defies analysis. On one level, it's a sentimental fable, a codification of the tamed bourgeois, Victorian Christmas that replaced the dangerous excesses of earlier generations, when drunken laborers took to the streets to sing, challenge the rich and turn propriety...

Present Joy

12 years ago by Juliet Wittman
The conversion of Scrooge at the end of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol always delights, whether you're reading about it or seeing it on a stage. I remember Alistair Sim in the iconic 1951 movie, capering around the room in his nightgown, startling the maid on the stairs by insisting...

Welcome Back, Mr. Scrooge

13 years ago by Juliet Wittman
It doesn't matter how much it's quoted, kitschified, read at Christmas gatherings or adapted for stage and screen, Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol manages to preserve its benevolent power. I like to think that's because something in us responds to the idea of simple kindness replacing coldness in one businessman's...

To All a Good Night

18 years ago by Jim Lillie
Its yearly appearance might be anticipated, dreaded or even lampooned, but Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol remains the quintessential holiday story about the transformative powers of love, forgiveness and redemption. Director Laird Williamson has an unabashed (and, among local practitioners, unparalleled) devotion to pageantry, mystery and grandeur; when these qualities...


Always...Patsy Cline. Always Patsy Cline is a light, mildly entertaining evening. You get an efficiently evocative set that's divided into three parts: a down-home apartment; an old-fashioned country bar, complete with jukebox; and, in the center, the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. There are two skilled singer-performers, one of...

The Icing

17 years ago by Jim Lillie
He had already written Othello to explore the jealous impulses that precipitate a great man's tragic downfall, fashioned As You Like It to teach a few comic lessons about the strangely similar romantic yearnings of courtiers and country types, and penned a historical series about the Wars of the Roses...

In the Name of the Father

17 years ago by Michael Roberts
Anyone who's ever complained about the difficulties of escaping the shadow cast by a parent should be shamed into silence by the story of Femi Anikulapo-Kuti. After all, Femi's dad, the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, wasn't just a star in his native Nigeria and many other African nations. He was a...


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