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Twilight of the Baseball Gods

15 years ago by Bill Gallo
Wherefore art thou, Tony? Let us count the ways, Cal. America's love affair with sports heroes can be a pretty sordid business, based more on flash than substance. One year, the madding crowd worships a steroid-stuffed behemoth who whacks lots of Flubber-filled cowhide into the cheap seats. The next, they...

Play Ball!

17 years ago by Bill Gallo
In 2000, life among the Colorado Rockies remains a pennant or so short of bliss. National League batting champ Larry Walker recently went to Las Vegas, he reports, where he lost not only his money but his swing. Six games into the season he was hitting an un-Walkerlike .133. "Oh,...

A Sporting Chance

17 years ago by Bill Gallo
All right, then. Just how long has it been since your Denver Broncos rose from the slough of despond to win a pair of Super Bowls? A thousand days? How long since the icon John Elway hung up his cleats and Terrell Davis went into traction and Shannon Sharpe decided...


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