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Hector's Simon Pegg Gets the Mitty Treatment

2 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Simon Pegg has always been more like a cartoon than a real boy. He’s one part Charlie Brown to two parts Tintin, a round-faced runt who can channel both childlike depression and old-fashioned cowlicked pluck. In Pegg’s new film, Hector and the Search for Happiness, director Peter Chelsom simply allows...

The World's End Creators Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright Versus Starbucksification

3 years ago by Inkoo Kang
Like so many screenplays, The World's End has its origins in a Starbucks. As director Edgar Wright tells it, the ideas for next week's sci-fi action-comedy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost came to him while shooting the trio's last film, the buddy-cop parody Hot Fuzz. That film takes place...

Expect Farting Corpses and Talking Hot Dogs in This Summer's Movies

4 months ago by Chris Klimek
There was a time when the summer movie season was a season, sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. By the 21st century, the start date drifted back to the first weekend in May. This year, the superhero flicks started arriving with Deadpool’s release on February 12. Only two...

With Neill Blomkamp Taking on Alien, More Geek Properties Deserve a Superstar Reboot

2 years ago by Cory Casciato
Late yesterday, science-fiction fans got a great bit of news: District 9 director Neill Blomkamp will be directing a new Alien film. This is good on many levels, since the Alien franchise needs some serious love (sorry, Prometheus made things worse, not better) and given the genius of District 9, Blomkamp...

Summer Film Guide 2015: Arthouse? Multiplex? Kabooms? We Have You Covered in a Summer That Never Ends

1 year ago by Chris Klimek
In the decadent 21st century, the summer movie season now sprawls from March through December. (Star Wars: Episode VII is due to awaken the Force December 18; every prior Star Wars picture has come out Memorial Day weekend.) But I’ll stick to tradition and call Memorial Day the start of...

Three worst Star Trek films -- Scotty says "eff you!"

3 years ago by Jenn Wohletz
In a recent interview with Mike Ryan of The Huffington Post, Simon Pegg said "f*ck you!" to a bunch of Las Vegas Star Trek convention fans who ranked Star Trek: Into Darkness as the worst Trek movie ever. Pegg, who plays Scotty in the franchise reboots and clearly disagreed that...

Fifty things we learned from the 2013 year in movies

3 years ago by Nick Rallo
One of the best performances of the year was from the tiny lifeboat in Captain Phillips.On Thursday, this year's Oscar nominations will be announced, also known as national Gah! What Were Those Idiot Voters Thinking Day. We can't wait, so in the meantime, we give you this: 1. Marvel Films...

Star Trek Beyond: The IMAX Experience

Action/Adventure, SciFi/Fantasy

Star Trek Beyond 3D

Action/Adventure, SciFi/Fantasy

British comedy The World's End has a bittersweet edge

3 years ago by Stephanie Zacharek
The laddish pleasures of The World's End, Edgar Wright's comedy about a group of middle-aged guys drinking beer and facing mortality, come with a bittersweet edge. In the old days, the lead character, Gary King, used to be the coolest kid in school, at least in the outlaw sense: He'd...


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