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State Board of Education Allows Diet Sodas Back Into Schools

11 days ago by Dara Miles
Despite protests by parents, students, nutrition advocates and dentists, the Colorado State Board of Education today finalized its plan to put diet sodas back into public school vending machines. At its regular meeting the board approved a proposal to bring the state's school nutrition rules in line with federal rules,...

Diet-Soda Ban in Schools Could Soon Be Lifted by Board of Education

2 months ago by Dara Miles
Colorado public school kids might not have traipse down to the 7-Eleven for their daily Diet Mountain Dew fix. Diet sodas will likely be allowed back in the vending machines at Colorado’s public schools, thanks to the state Board of Education, which voted 4-3 Wednesday to change Colorado’s “Healthy Beverages...

Reviewed: Water by the Spoonful, Murder Ballad, Suddenly Last Summer (All Closing), Three More

3 days ago by Juliet Wittman
Buntport Theater Company is kicking off the fall season by bringing back Middle Aged People Sitting in Boxes;  the show opens tomorrow. Here's our capsule review of the original production: A clothesline on which tops and bras are hung spans the stage. Other than that, the set consists of four shrouded...

The Ten Best Barbecue Joints in Metro Denver — and What You Should Order

3 days ago by Westword Staff
There's a growing trend of Colorado-style barbecue; this week we explored what that means to a few different professional practitioners in Denver. But there are plenty of other great options when it comes to 'cue in this town, from dry-rub dusted wings at GQue Championship Barbecue to an old favorite —...

That Used To Be What? Eight Fascinating Repurposed Historic Buildings

6 days ago by Ana Campbell
If Colorado seems exciting now, imagine what it must have felt like in the 1870s. We joined the Union that decade and saw the beginnings of the Colorado Silver Rush, during which about $80 million worth of silver was mined (and that's 1870s money, mind you). That caught the attention of...

Twenty Vintage Colorado Motel Signs — Including Two You Can Own

9 days ago by Michael Roberts
With each passing year, Colorado seems to be losing more classic signage — including vintage hotel and motel signs that have distinguished roadsides in the state for decades. The latest to go? Signs for the Chief Motel and the Stardust Lodge in Colorado Springs, whose accompanying businesses, located on South...

The State of the Comedy Game Show: Notes on Match Game and Celebrity Family Feud

2 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Alec Baldwin is no Steve Harvey. Unlike Harvey, Baldwin seems diminished on the set of a retro '70s game show dedicated to getting contestants to say gently dirty nonsense. On ABC’s baggy, boozy Match Game, Baldwin crabs into a skinny last-century microphone about how everything’s stupid: his celebrity panelists, the...

Marijuana Is Legal in Colorado — But Only If You're a U.S. Citizen

12 days ago by Joel Warner
Claudia didn’t think anything was wrong when United States Customs and Border Protection agents flagged her for an in-depth security screening after the early-morning flight from her native Chile landed at Los Angeles International Airport early on October 8, 2015. “It’s normal,” she says. “Sometimes the officers review people.” Besides,...

The Mayday Experiment: What We Can Agree On

12 days ago by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
The heart of the Mayday Experiment has always been about the conversations. The tiny house is the center of them, of course: It is the catalyst, a place to start. But the fact is, I’ve been “practicing” the conversational aspect of this project throughout my life. Innumerable conversations with climate-change...

Lizzy Rose to Release Crocodile Tears at Lost Lake

19 days ago by Tom Murphy
Musician Lizzy Allen is now based in Seattle, but she spent most of her life in Colorado. As lead singer and multi-instrumentalist for indie-rock band Vitamins, Allen made a mark in the Denver scene as a talented vocalist. In 2010, a random encounter at a Tame Impala show between her...


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