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Six Best Places to Get Tattooed on Friday the 13th in Denver

5 months ago by Lindsey Bartlett
Tomorrow is Friday the 13th — the only Friday the 13th of the year, so you'd better get your permanent bling while you can. Over the past century, this day that is so taboo in some circles has evolved into an unofficial holiday at American tattoo stores, which often offer...

Jake Adam York's Abide Up for Posthumous Award as Copper Nickel Rises Again

1 year ago by Adam Steininger
When poet Jake Adam York died suddenly of a stroke in December 2012 at the age of forty, he left behind an unpublished book of poetry, Abide, and a literary journal, Copper Nickel, which he'd founded a decade earlier at the University of Colorado Denver. This year Abide was nominated for...

A Fine Frenzy

I've noticed recently that people on the street sometimes look at me strangely," says Alison Sudol. "You know, kinda stare at me for a while, and then they smile, but then they don't say anything, and I'm like 'Okaaaay...?' It's these funny looks that I've never — " On the...

Love's Labour's Lost

8 years ago by Juliet Wittman
Director Gavin Cameron-Webb has set Love's Labour's Lost in a house in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1917, just before America's entrance into the First World War. The set, by Andrea Bechert, is green and appealing, with topiary trees, two slim stone statues flanking the stage and, in the center, a...


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