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Denver TV host Chris Parente gets bitch-slapped by Steve Carell

5 years ago by Jef Otte
Don't talk shit to Steve Carell, because apparently he will slap you like a bitch. Not in a scary, Wayne-Brady-turned-evil kind of way -- no, Steve Carell is way too nice for that, and also, in a weird way, he's even scarier. Because somehow, Steve Carell is a sweet enough...

Woody Allen Finds a Story Worth Telling in Café Society — and Tells Another One

2 months ago by Bilge Ebiri
Café Society is surprisingly ambitious by the standards of late-period Woody Allen — a veritable epic taking in a broad swath of a young man’s life and charting his progress from wide-eyed innocent to cold, confident operator. But that’s also why the film, in some senses, could only have been...

A Netflix Doc Digs at the Truth Behind the Foxcatcher Killing

5 months ago by April Wolfe
If you thought the billionaire played by Steve Carell in Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher was eerie, please allow me to introduce you to the real John du Pont. A dangerous concoction of lonely and paranoid, du Pont was blessed with money and mobility and cursed with the kind of childhood that...

The Big Short Takes on the '08 Crash — And Crashes

9 months ago by Melissa Anderson
Fueled by impotent, blustery outrage, Adam McKay’s The Big Short, about the grotesque banking and investing practices that led to the 2008 financial collapse, is about as fun and enlightening as a cranked-up portfolio manager’s rue-filled comedown after an energy-shot bender. Based on Michael Lewis’s 2010 bestselling book of the...

Why I'm Still Watching The Muppets

11 months ago by Inkoo Kang
The Muppets doesn't work, exactly, but I'm still watching. As a relative outsider to the 60-year Muppets franchise, I've long suspected that early imprinting is the key to loving Jim Henson's gaudy, unblinking rags. I've never felt a particular need to watch pieces of felt tell Borscht Belt–style jokes, and...

Gay-Rights Drama Freeheld Is Stirring, but Only Hints at Real Life

12 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
You'd have to be a monster not to be sniffling by the end of Peter Sollett's Freeheld, a weepy/rousing retelling of a real-life gay-rights triumph that serves as a helpful reminder that the dark ages were just, like, ten years ago. It's love that lights up that darkness, of course,...

Podcast: It's Our All Daily Show Week with Foxcatcher and Rosewater

2 years ago by Show and Tell
It's a special The Daily Show edition of the Voice Film Club podcast, as we talk about Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher (starring Steve Carell) and move onto Rosewater, the movie Jon Stewart left The Daily Show for three months in 2013 to direct. Both are in theaters starting November 14. Here's...

Video: Chris Parente's Kristen Wiig Gaffe About Nude Scene in Different Movie Goes Viral

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
CH2 entertainment reporter Chris Parente has been on the verge of going viral before -- such as when he was bitch-slapped by Steve Carell, or the time he discussed the crooked crack by his unicorn tattoo. But he's finally made the must-click big leagues thanks to his hilariously botched interview...

Minions Are Darling, but They're Best on the Margin

1 year ago by Stephanie Zacharek
Hollywood lives by the simple, sad axiom “Where there’s money, there’s more money,” which is how we get remakes of movies that sometimes shouldn’t have been made in the first place, two Spider-Man reboots within five years, and a Star Wars franchise that ensures our children’s children will revere George...

In Foxcatcher, Everyone's Got a Price

2 years ago by Amy Nicholson
The du Pont family made its fortune selling gunpowder during the War of 1812, and soldiered on to invent everything ever worn by a cop: Kevlar, nylon, polyester, synthetic rubber. If you've cooked on Teflon pans, that money's theirs, too. That means you've supported American patriotism, or at least heir...


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