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Eleven Cool Things in Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park and Congress Park

7 months ago by Susan Froyd
For its February edition, the Warm Cookies of the Revolution Stompin’ Ground Games neighborhood Olympics will tout Capitol Hill tonight. To prep you for the celebration, which focuses on comedy and the concept of “home,” we’ve put together a primer of ten places we love in the ‘hood — with...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Gemma Danielle

3 months ago by Susan Froyd
#74: Gemma Danielle Artist Gemma Danielle’s intricate mandala work intersects with her mastery of the healing arts as a Reiki practitioner. For her, both are spiritual, referencing inner energies and meditational journeys. And now she shares these visual therapies on a larger scale in public murals, most notably her Urban...

High on the Hill

3 years ago by Susan Hill
It’s funny how we can pass a landmark day after day and never really know anything about it. That’s true of the stately Colorado Governor’s Residence, built in 1908 as the Boettcher Mansion and handed over to the state in 1959: Rush-hour traffic blows by the elegant hilltop home in...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Bianca Mikahn

3 months ago by Susan Froyd
#76: Bianca Mikahn Poet, hip-hop musician, healer of social woes, youth mentor, activist, goddess — these are just a few of the hats that Denver native Bianca Mikahn wears as she dances through life, touching lives with her lyrical voice and a helping hand. Mikahn’s work places her on many...

Five Cool Things in Ruby Hill, Athmar Park and Overland

1 year ago by Susan Froyd
There’s a new game in town starting Saturday: That’s when Denver’s civic health club, Warm Cookies of the Revolution, takes to the streets for the Stompin’ Ground Games, a yearlong series designed to celebrate cultural richness in the city’s thriving and sometimes lesser-known neighborhoods. First up is a love song...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Roseanna Frechette

5 months ago by Susan Froyd
#83: Roseanna Frechette Roseanna Frechette dons more hats than she has fingers to count them on: Writer, poet, publisher, dancer, creative youth programs director and yoga instructor are just a few of the titles she wears with aplomb. Then there are her efforts on behalf of bohemian Denver — as...

Reader: Welcome to Colorado — Full of Sports-Loving, Beer-Loving, Pet-Crazy People!

6 months ago by Westword
Last weekend we shared a note from Meg, who'd moved to Denver just a few days before — long enough, though, to have an important question for this city. "I have lived in your seemingly wonderful city for just five days," she wrote. "My fiance was relocated here for work and...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Daniel Landes

6 months ago by Susan Froyd
#91: Daniel Landes A writer, publisher, restaurateur, cook, and arts and literary community-builder, Dan Landes does the Renaissance-man thing the 21st-century way: He oversees the day-to-day at his hip eatery City, O’City, which also serves as a base for the upstairs performance space Deer Pile and the adjacent 1280 Sherman...

Is Denver's Stormwater Fix an Engineer's Dream — or a Neighborhood Nightmare?

6 months ago by Alan Prendergast
On an unseasonably warm winter afternoon, Tom Rutter sits on the patio at Bogey’s on the Park, the clubhouse restaurant at Denver’s City Park Golf Course. The regulars are out on the yellowed fairways or tipping back beers inside, but Rutter is elbow-deep in maps, notes, planning documents and iced...

Kings of the Hill

7 years ago by Susan Froyd
Brian Finn recommends arriving early today in Gold Hill, since the tiny mountain village’s fire department will host a pancake breakfast beginning at 8:30 a.m. The town parade, featuring fire trucks and children’s bikes, follows; it “usually has more viewers than participants,” Finn advises. But the main event is at...


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