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The Sounds of Silence

13 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
The bad news came not in a front-page story or on a TV broadcast. It arrived in a letter from the principal of Denver's Fairview Elementary School. "I am very sad and regret to inform you of the death of one of our Fairview students," Kathy Wiemer wrote to Fairview...

Give and Take

14 years ago by Michael Roberts
"I live by a principle," says Congressman Tom Tancredo. "And it's that no good deed goes unpunished." Tancredo, a Republican from District 6, should be accustomed to punishment by now. For the past several months, he's been pounded by columnists and editorial scribes for, among other things, his position in...

The Message

13 years ago by Michael Roberts
Tim Brown, chief executive officer of Denver's NRC Broadcasting, is normally an upbeat fellow -- and why wouldn't he be? On December 5, he filed paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission to buy NRC's twelfth radio station in just over eighteen months. KKHI-FM/105.5, currently held by Laramie Mountain Broadcasting, is...

A Dam in the Stream

14 years ago by Michael Roberts
In a relatively short period of time, Internet audio streaming of traditional radio broadcasts has found a sizable audience. And why not? The technology allows folks who work in office buildings in which radio reception is iffy to keep up with their favorite signals on the job, even as it...


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