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Chefs in at Arcana, Sugarmill and SOL, out at Telegraph

3 months ago by Mark Antonation
Arcana 909 Walnut Street, Boulder 303-444-3885 Arcana opened in Boulder in February with an ambitious menu designed to tell the story of early American cuisine through regional ingredients. But opening chef Matthew Lackey, a Tennessee native and student of celeb-chef Sean Brock's return-to-roots cooking style, was let go in April...

Public Image Ltd Brought Anger, Energy and Snot Rockets to the Gothic Theatre

10 months ago by Tom Murphy
Typically a show billed as “An Evening With...” is something of a nostalgia trip for long-time fans. But that wasn't quite the case with the Public Image Ltd show at The Gothic Theatre on Friday night. A third of the tracks from the set came from the group's worthy latest...

Little Man Ice Cream Owners Purchase Adrift Tiki Bar

1 month ago by Mark Antonation
If you're craving an umbrella drink, you might need to wait a few weeks. Denver's only tiki bar, Adrift, at 218 South Broadway, is closed for a remodel. The Polynesian themed bar and eatery was purchased by the group that owns Little Man Ice Cream, according to a sign posted...

John Lydon on Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd and the Importance of Laughter

10 months ago by Tom Murphy
John Lydon formed Public Image Ltd. in 1978, after the breakup of the Sex Pistols, the infamous and influential punk-rock band he fronted under the stage name Johnny Rotten. PiL wasn’t the first post-punk band, but it quickly became one of the most important — and adventurous. The 1979 album...

Jonah Hill Is Loosed in War Dogs, but the Comedy Has Too Much Hangover

1 month ago by Chris Packham
Once, American comedies concerned underdog heroes who challenged the status quo and seized the territory of the upper-class characters who thought they were in control. Slobs vs. snobs. During the wartime administration of the lesser President Bush, the wealthy thoroughly dominated the culture, occupying America the way the army patrolled...

Magma Put France on the Prog-Rock Map

6 months ago by Tom Murphy
Progressive rock started out as largely a British phenomenon in the late '60s but quickly mutated when it spread to the European continent and beyond. The artists that pioneered the genre attempted to bring artistic credibility to rock music either by infusing it with elements of classical-musical structure and daring...

Twelve Things to Do and See During Mo’Print, Denver’s Month of Printmaking

7 months ago by Susan Froyd
The biennial event Mo’Print — Denver’s Month of Printmaking — is taking over the city and the Front Range in March and beyond with shows, tours, workshops and related events celebrating every aspect of printmaking, from nuts-and-bolts monotypes and woodcuts to the more complex realms of intaglio and lithography. For...

Up in Smoke: Our Restaurant Roll Call for October 2015

11 months ago by Mark Antonation
Fall is here and the smell of wood smoke is in the air — but much of it is coming from a handful of new barbecue joints testing out their smokers in preparation for opening in the next week. One has already started wafting the aroma of slow-cooked brisket over...

A look at Colorcom LTD and Accelerated I/O, named in a state tech lawsuit

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
As the Denver Business Journal reports, Colorado securities commissioner Fred Joseph filed a lawsuit yesterday against Broomfield's Joseph D. Doll and Colorado Springs' Richard H. Janoka, claiming that the men snookered investors out of nearly $3 million to finance two companies, Colorcom LTD and IFR Technologies Inc. Generally, such a...

The 1965 Flood: How Denver's Greatest Disaster Changed the City

1 year ago by Alan Prendergast
Those who lived through it will tell you that the spring of 1965 was not like other springs in eastern Colorado. From Fort Collins to La Junta, the land shuddered and groaned, afflicted with mini-earthquakes and baby twisters, freak hailstorms and gale-force winds. But to say people should have paid...


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