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Edge Theater's take on torture offers the possibility of redemption

4 years ago by Juliet Wittman
I was teaching a class on news reporting in 2002 when the Bush administration opened the prison at Guantánamo Bay and ruled that prisoners there would be designated enemy combatants. I asked my students if they knew what that implied. They weren't a particularly well-informed group, but they understood the...

Lewis Blows His Top

10 years ago by Jordan Harper
Lewis Black: Red, White & Screwed(HBO) Like many other Daily Show success stories, Lewis Black is a comedian made for these times; his facial contortions and verbal tics are expressions of the Bush-era phrase "outrage overload." But unlike other big names in political stand-up right now (David Cross, Bill Maher),...

A Cut Above

11 years ago by Juliet Wittman
To be buried while alive is, beyond question, the most terrific of these extremes which has ever fallen to the lot of mere mortality. That it has frequently, very frequently, so fallen will scarcely be denied by those who think. The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best...

The Message

12 years ago by Michael Roberts
In an essay in the hagiographic March 24 issue of Rolling Stone devoted to Hunter S. Thompson, director Bob Rafelson wrote of seeing Thompson's body before it was removed from the author's Woody Creek home following his February 20 suicide. Afterward, Rafelson's wife asked how Thompson looked. "Surprised," he replied...

Teen Angles

11 years ago by Jessica Centers
Genesis: Focus on the Family packed them in like sardines. At $35 a head, more than 1,500 teens, parents and youth-group leaders had converged on Colorado Springs from 21 states, Puerto Rico and Canada for the two-day Dare 2 Dig Deeper apologetics conference, aka the "Big Dig." A few dozen...

Dante Ferretti: Scenografo italiano



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