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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

5 years ago by Tom Murphy
As a pop band, you could do a lot worse than having your first-ever show be opening for Amy Winehouse and then getting tapped to serve as the opening act for her European summer tour. But that's essentially what happened to the Asteroids Galaxy Tour after Winehouse heard the band's...

Shirley Manson's Lively Banter at Garbage Show Was an Embrace of Fellow Weirdos

9 days ago by Tom Murphy
At some point in the Garbage show Shirley Manson remembered that Garbage had played in the same building on the Version 2.0 tour and that it had a different name. Someone brought up Mammoth Gardens, the venue's even older name, and Manson tried to recall where the stage was set...

Beer Calendar: Bierstadt Lagerhaus Says Hello; Black Project Solves a Mystery

2 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
Colorado's biggest mega-brewery may own the naming rights to one of the state's largest sporting venues — Coors Field — but our largest craft brewer is getting in on the action, too. Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing said late last week that it would donate $4.3 million to Colorado State...

Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 or Less (Six Free), July 22-24

2 months ago by Alex Brown
We're high on the Mile High City these days, and this weekend offers many examples of why Denver is such a great place to live. You can space out on space, learn to love animals and drink plenty of cold beer — all without lightening your wallet too much. Our...

Beer Calendar: Summer Brews, a Hop Swap and a Father's Day Brewery Crawl

3 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
Hold on to your hats. Longmont's Left Hand Brewing, the last holdout among Colorado's largest craft breweries, has decided to start canning some of its beers. Although the brewery has maintained for years that it didn't have any canning plans — and went so far as to participate in a...

The Importance of Space Opera, from Star Trek to Guardians of the Galaxy

1 year ago by Cory Casciato
Space. The final frontier, and perhaps my very favorite setting for any and every kind of media. Big adventures in an almost limitless universe. Exploration, contact and conflict with aliens, rebel alliances versus evil empires — I love it all. Give me a spaceship, a crew — ragtag or highly...

Beer Calendar: Breweries Tap Into Peaches, Grapefruit, Chile and Vanilla Beans

5 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
The owners of Eddyline Brewery in Buena Vista have opened a new brewery and pizzeria in Nelson, New Zealand. "Molley and I have a vision for the Eddyline brand to grow internationally with individual Eddyline brewpubs serving as gateways to incredible places around the world," co-founder Mic Heynekamp wrote in...

Lewis Black on Bernie Sanders, Voting Rights and The Root of All Evil

6 months ago by Byron Graham
Lewis Black is a thoroughly astute political satirist. Assuaging righteous outrage with laughter is every comedian's noble goal, but Black rises above the majority of his peers (at least those without their own eponymous television programs) with his keen analysis of social ills. Star and co-creator of Comedy Central's dearly missed...

Pixel Galaxy, the Newest Video Game by Boulder's Serenity Forge, Is a Space Shooter With a Twist

1 year ago by Adam Roy
When he was a freshman at the University of Illinois, game developer Zhenghua Yang got sick. The eighteen-year-old’s symptoms started small: a purplish rash on his elbow, a blemish on his face that kept oozing blood — then a nosebleed that gushed for fourteen hours straight. After a test at...

Beer Calendar: Dry Dock Drops Hopricot; Mu Brewery Drops Bombs

8 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
Dry Dock Brewing is taking an unusual tack with its new twelve-pack release, called Hopricot: The award-winning Aurora brewery is including six cans of its Apricot Blonde Ale and six cans of its Hop Abomination IPA, and encouraging people to blend them together to make their own beer cocktail. Dry Dock has...


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