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Twenty-Five Tastiest Events on Denver's Culinary Calendar June 6-10

4 months ago by Ben Landreth
Restaurants and bars around the world will be celebrating Negroni Week today through June 12, all to raise money for charitable causes. Many restaurants in Denver will be serving up the gin, Campari and vermouth drink, and donating $1 or more from each sale to charity; for info on participating...

Greg Moore Resigns as Editor of the Denver Post

6 months ago by Michael Roberts
Moments ago, Greg Moore, editor of the Denver Post, since 2002, told staffers at a newsroom meeting that he has resigned. Sources tell us that he will remain on the payroll until April 1, but his last official day at the paper's headquarters building will be this Friday, March 18...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Feds: Study If Medical Pot Can Help With Opioid Epidemic

7 months ago by Michael Roberts
Last month, Massachusetts lawmakers visited Colorado to learn more about the state's marijuana industry in advance of a 2016 ballot measure in their state — and some of them were pretty freaked out by the experience. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren seems much calmer about the issue — particularly as it applies...

Video: Boston Marathon explosions -- Denver Police Department responds

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
The explosions at the Boston Marathon, which killed two people and injured dozens of others earlier today, represent a still-developing story about which we'll learn much, much more in the coming days. Meanwhile, residents of metropolitan areas across the country are wondering if they have reason for concern -- and...

Colorado Marijuana Tour Freaks Out, Confuses Massachusetts Lawmakers

8 months ago by Michael Roberts
Last month, we reported about a Colorado marijuana fact-finding mission involving officials from Indio, California. Their tour featured plenty of input from local law-enforcement reps who emphasized problems with legal cannabis — and afterward, Indio's city council authored a proposal to ban medical marijuana there. A similar journey through the Colorado...

Isis Books Vandalized by Idiots Who Must Think Goddess Is a Terrorist

10 months ago by Michael Roberts
The recent attacks in Paris have raised concerns about indiscriminate terrorism across the globe, including here in Colorado. Witness the social-media backlash against Governor John Hickenlooper's announcement that Colorado is open to accepting some Syrian refugees. But the incidents have also brought out more than their share of moronic behavior...

13 Hours Trades Truth for Explosions — But It's Not Truly Political

8 months ago by Amy Nicholson
Benghazi is a hashtag battle-cry, a call to arms that many Americans don't understand. Unlike the simplicity of “Remember the Alamo!” a bleat of “Benghazi!” still has people wondering, “Wait, what happened? And why are we mad?” Michael Bay's 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi has an explanation, though...

Newsroom Drama Spotlight Reminds Us of What Good Journalism Is

11 months ago by Stephanie Zacharek
Newspapers are dead, except in the hearts of anyone who has ever loved them — which means that there are still narrow slivers of hope. One of them now comes to us in the form of a movie: Tom McCarthy’s bold, shirtsleeve-sturdy newsroom drama Spotlight, which shows how a team...

Film Podcast #96: Michael Shannon is a Stern Monopoly Player

1 year ago by Westword
LA Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson found out first-hand that Michael Shannon is a pretty stern Monopoly player during a recent game with the actor, who portrays a tortured Orlando real-estate baron in the upcoming 99 Homes. Nicholson and Village Voice film editor Alan Scherstuhl open this week's Voice Film...

Work Is Murder for Best-Selling Author and Air Force Vet Laura DiSilverio

10 months ago by Jamie Siebrase
For many people, Laura DiSilverio's schedule would be murder. But this bestselling author of fifteen mystery and suspense novels — many set right here in Colorado — knows the secret to publishing books: "Basically, it is hard work and perseverance,” she says. And those two come naturally to DiSilverio, the mother...


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