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Eight Movies to See in Denver Right Now

9 days ago by Westword Staff
It was a wild week in film releases. We reviewed John Krasinski's Sundance favorite (which won't break the dysfunctional family arc), found the final installment in the Bridget Jones saga, Bridget Jones's Baby, to be a pleasant surprise, and an got spooked with an eerie Polish possession in Demon.  Here are the eight best...

"I Want to F*ck You on the Refrigerator": Attorney Rips College Sex-Report Policies

12 days ago by Michael Roberts
Say you're a male college student accused at the university level of having non-consensual sex with a fellow student. If, according to attorney Andrew Miltenberg, the alleged victim had sent a text immediately before the incident that read, "I want to fuck you on the refrigerator," the message almost certainly...

Oliver Stone's Snowden Is a Somber, Conventional Study of Bringing Secrets to Light

12 days ago by Bilge Ebiri
Set aside your visions of histrionic, paranoid fireworks. Oliver Stone’s whistleblower biopic Snowden finds the director in an unusually somber and controlled mood, perhaps because of the introverted, awkward nature of Edward Snowden himself. The former CIA employee and National Security Agency contractor, who in 2013 exposed the U.S. government’s...

Ex Army Col. Eric Henderson Accepts Plea in Drunk Driving Case That Killed Trooper

4 months ago by Michael Roberts
The tragic death of Colorado State Trooper Jaimie Jursevics while conducting an Interstate 25 traffic stop on Sunday evening, November 15, has touched the hearts of many people here and beyond, as is clear from the outpouring of support for her baby daughter seen on a GoFundMe page set up in her...

A Sand Creek Massacre Memorial Would Join These Colorado Capitol Monuments

1 month ago by Patricia Calhoun
The grounds of the Colorado State Capitol hold many monuments — and if legislators approve the Sand Creek Massacre Memorial, they could soon hold one more. Here's an inventory of the pieces you'll find today outside the Capitol; descriptions (excluding editorializing) are from the site, where you'll also find...

Jonah Hill Is Loosed in War Dogs, but the Comedy Has Too Much Hangover

1 month ago by Chris Packham
Once, American comedies concerned underdog heroes who challenged the status quo and seized the territory of the upper-class characters who thought they were in control. Slobs vs. snobs. During the wartime administration of the lesser President Bush, the wealthy thoroughly dominated the culture, occupying America the way the army patrolled...

Denver's Otherworldly Marching Band Itchy-O Plays Dark Mofo Festival in Tasmania

2 months ago by John Nicholl
Itchy-O is perhaps one of the most intriguing musical groups in Denver. The 32-piece marching band is outfitted with all sorts of percussion, including a slew of snare, bass and taiko drums, as well as vocoders and guitars, all electrified to create a sonic experience that is unlike anything you've...

Kiss Is Still the Greatest Rock-and-Roll Spectacle on Earth

2 months ago by Tom Murphy
Classic-rock band Kiss may be playing "secondary markets" on its current tour, but the iconic showmen made last night's concert in Colorado Springs a memorable one with an excess of spectacle and gratitude. Growing up in the 1970s, Kiss was the one band whose marketing schemes also infiltrated the lives...

Me Tarzan. Me Sorry About Colonialism.

3 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
At last, a Hollywood reimagining with a point. David Yates' two-fisted pulp-studies spree The Legend of Tarzan doesn't just update Edgar Rice Burroughs' white-boy jungle-bro for our age of heightened sensitivities and bit rates. It interrogates the very idea of Tarzan, signing the old sport up for the good fight...

Five Reasons Not to Miss Our Facebook Live Visit With Ex-Governor Dick Lamm

3 months ago by Alan Prendergast
Longtime residents of Colorado may remember Dick Lamm as Governor Gloom, the somewhat affectionate nickname he acquired during his three terms as the state's governor. But before he ascended to that office, he was a brash, obscure, thirty-something state representative bent on stopping the 1976 Winter Games, which were supposed...


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