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U.S. Snowboarder Justin Reiter's Lawsuit Against Olympic Committee Moves On

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
"I did not become an athlete for reasons like this." This statement was shared yesterday on Facebook by Justin Reiter, a snowboarder from Steamboat Springs, after a court appearance in Switzerland related to a lawsuit he filed against the International Olympic Committee. The reason for the complaint: the IOC's decision...

Widow of John Sherwood, Skier Who Died at Breck, Sues Teen Over Fatal Collision

3 days ago by Michael Roberts
In recent days, we told you about a surprising ski-resort death: Hansi Brenninger, an expert skier who worked as an instructor at Aspen Mountain, was killed during a visit with his son to a ski area in Park City, Utah. Today brings another story that's as unusual as it is tragic...

Joel Hunt, local vet turned ski racer, primed for Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games

3 years ago by Joel Warner
Joel Hunt's hero Peyton Manning once told him, "Just play well, and the scoreboard will speak for itself." Denver's Hunt has done just that: After three Iraq deployments that left him with post-traumatic stress disorder, a traumatic brain injury and a paralyzed left leg, he got on skis for first...

MMJ for Vets Amendment Passes Senate Committee, But Will it Make the Final Cut?

5 months ago by Thomas Mitchell
Last week the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations voted in favor of an amendment to a federal funding bill that would allow Veterans Affairs doctors to discuss and recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states where MMJ is legal. Approved 20-10, the bipartisan Veterans Equal Access Amendment to the 2017...

Warrior Games: Colorado Springs to host U.S. military's first-ever wounded soldiers Paralympics

6 years ago by Melanie Asmar
The U.S. military's first-ever Warrior Games -- three days of Paralympic-style competition in nine sports -- will kick off in Colorado Springs with an opening ceremony at 5 p.m. -- or 1700, to quote the official event schedule. The point of the Warrior Games, according to Army Brigadier General Gary...

A Sand Creek Massacre Memorial Would Join These Colorado Capitol Monuments

1 month ago by Patricia Calhoun
The grounds of the Colorado State Capitol hold many monuments — and if legislators approve the Sand Creek Massacre Memorial, they could soon hold one more. Here's an inventory of the pieces you'll find today outside the Capitol; descriptions (excluding editorializing) are from the site, where you'll also find...

DEA Rejects Pot Rescheduling but Ends Research Monopoly; Clinton Responds

1 month ago by Kate McKee Simmons
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has denied petitions filed by two former governors and a New Mexico psychiatric nurse practitioner five years ago requesting that the DEA reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I substance, according to documents filed with the Federal Register today, August 11 — but the agency did decide...

Democratics and Republicans Release Platforms on Pot...Sort Of

2 months ago by Zack Burley
Democrats have adopted a platform that their members are trumpeting as the "most progressive platform in party history" — and when it comes to marijuana, Dems aren't just blowing smoke. The Party of the Donkey has taken a position on marijuana that no major political party in the United States...

Medical Marijuana Supported by Testimony at Senate Judiciary Hearing

2 months ago by Kate McKee Simmons
At a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing convened last week to consider "the potential medical benefits of marijuana," lawmakers heard from cannabis advocates and doctors alike. Their testimony overwhelmingly supported marijuana being used for medical purposes; many of the speakers also supported rescheduling cannabis to a Schedule II substance. Numerous...

Controversy and Craziness in Cleveland: Colorado GOP Head's RNC Field Report

2 months ago by Michael Roberts
A few hours before festivities for the third night of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland got underway, Steve House, chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee, predicted a change of tone at the gathering, whose first two days had been marked by controversy over plagiarism charges aimed at the...


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