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Delegating Denver #16 of 56: Idaho

9 years ago by Sean Cronin
View larger image. Idaho Total Number of Delegates: 23 Pledged: 18 Unpledged: 5 How to Recognize an Idaho Delegate: Strangeness happens all over the world, but it seems to concentrate in Idaho. Just google the phrase "strange + Idaho" and prepare to get busy reading stories about straight senators seeking...

Crazy Horse's Girlfriend Author Erika T. Wurth on Growing Up in Idaho Springs

2 years ago by Amber Taufen
Erika T. Wurth, now a creative writing professor at the Western Illinois University, went to school in Idaho Springs. She already has one book of poetry under her belt and now a novel, Crazy Horse's Girlfriend, set in the mountain town. She'll be back in Colorado on Monday, September 29...

Long Before (and Probably Long After) Pokemon Go, There Was the Pokefreak

2 months ago by Dara Miles
Twenty years after Pokémon took the world by storm, the cute pocket monsters are back in the spotlight with Pokémon Go, an enhanced reality game for smart phones. This apparent resurrection of a '90s fad comes as a sly surprise to many — it’s been a long, long time since...

DPD Crackdown on Homeless: Camping-Ban Enforcement Up 500 Percent

4 months ago by Chris Walker
For months, Denver has been engaged in a sustained crackdown on homeless encampments. Since the sweeps began along Park Avenue West on March 8, homeless individuals have described being chased around the city by police officers, who cite Denver’s urban-camping-ban ordinance when prohibiting them from sleeping under cover anywhere in...

Beer Calendar: American Craft Beer Week Brings a Raft of Special Tappings, Events

4 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
To celebrate American Craft Beer Week, which runs May 16 through may 22, the Boulder-based Brewers Association led a project called the the Biggest Small Beer Ever Made, in which brewers from all fifty states each made the same beer, using the same ingredients. At least two local breweries, Declaration Brewing...

Legal Beagle: The University of Denver Creates Professorship for Animal Law

1 year ago by Melanie Asmar
Justin Marceau doesn’t eat animals. He represents them. And starting this fall, he will teach University of Denver law students to do the same, thanks to the school’s new Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) Professorship. Marceau is the first recipient of the professorship, which DU says is the only position...

Nine States Other Than Colorado That Love Marijuana the Most

6 months ago by Michael Roberts
No need to pretend there's the slightest suspense: Estately's new list of the "most marijuana-enthused states" puts Colorado in the number one position. By a lot. As for which other states made the cut, the answers aren't exactly shocking — but some interesting facts and figures determined their order. The...

Gallery Sketches: Five New Shows in Denver March 18-20

6 months ago by Susan Froyd
It’s a busy weekend for Denver’s art districts and galleries, with the daylong, citywide Mo’Print studio tours on Saturday, photography from the frontier, an out-of-this-world group show, and a flurry of one-person displays by Denver favorites working in every medium under the sun. What are you waiting for? Here are the...

Twelve State Capitals Supposedly Better Than Denver

7 months ago by Michael Roberts
Usually, we're able to keep lists ranking cities and states in perspective — maybe because Denver and Colorado so frequently wind up at or near the top of them. But there are exceptions. For instance, we were absolutely flabbergasted a couple of years back when Ranker suggested that there were...

Ten More Weird Colorado Monuments, Including One Dedicated to the Other Columbine Massacre

8 months ago by Brad Weismann
When I started looking for obscure historical monuments, sites and artifacts across Colorado —rather than the celebrated, well-known tourist attractions around the state — I thought I'd find maybe ten worth sharing. Now my list is up to 200 and counting, as I keep finding odd, fascinating pieces of our...


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