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Buddhist Temple Battle Opens Wounds in Denver's Vietnamese Community

5 months ago by Alan Prendergast
They have been coming every Sunday morning for weeks now, in sunshine or snow, rain or wind. Old men and children, teens and middle-aged professionals — between thirty and fifty people, usually, gathering outside the gates of the Nhu Lai Buddhist temple in southwest Denver. They bring cardboard protest signs...

Narima Dzhulfayeva, Mile High Murder No. 75: Woman allegedly killed by Roberto Silva, who later committed suicide while in custody

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
Two people are dead as a result of a thoroughly unromantic incident that took place on Valentine's Day in Glendale -- Narima Dzhulfayeva, who was allegedly murdered by Roberto Silva, and Silva himself, who subsequently killed himself while at the Arapahoe County Detention Facility by jumping off a second-floor walkway...

Prostitution Cop Discredited As Witness

9 years ago by Sean Cronin
As the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s office continues to investigate the Glendale Police Department’s handling of a recent prostitution sting -- profiled in the November 8 City Limit "Prostitution Sting Has Fringe Benefits" -- it has sent letters to defense attorneys, advising them that their cases may benefit from information...

Walter Bond allegedly torched sheepskin factory for animal rights cause (and wants to do it again)

6 years ago by Michael Roberts
Walter Bond doesn't exactly hide his convictions when it comes to animal rights. Law-enforcement types note that he has "a prominent tattoo on his neck just below his chin that reads, 'VEGAN.'" However, Bond is accused of doing more than simply sticking to salads. He's been formally charged with setting...

Walter Bond: Radical animal-rights activist pleads guilty to burning down Sheepskin Factory

6 years ago by Michael Roberts
Animal activist Walter Bond is a man so devoted to his cause that he wears a giant "VEGAN" tattoo on his neck. So it's no surprise he showed zero remorse when officially pleading guilty to arson related to a fire at Glendale's Sheepskin Factory in April -- a crime for...

FoCoMx announces lineup for next month's fest

6 years ago by Dave Herrera
It's a bittersweet day for music fans in Northern Colorado. Today our neighbors to the north are mourning the loss of two of their own, DJ Jimmy Hands and Kyle Dyas, KUNC's music director, who both passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. That sad news comes in just as we're...

Mile Highlights: This week's concert news, local radio playlists and top album sales

Here's what's good in the Mile High City this week: In concert news, INXS is coming to the Ogden in July, Lil Wayne's coming to Comfort Dental in August and Steve Earle is due at the Ogden in September. On local radio, Force Publique, Signal Path and Bop Skizzum got...

Glendale Prostitution Sting Has Fringe Benefits

9 years ago by Luke Turf
The two women that Mike Gross had ordered from Craigslist were running late, and he suspected they might not show, so he found two more in the back of Westword. But the second duo's phone number led him right back to the first pair he'd called, one of whom proceeded...

Sound Barrier

18 years ago by Tony Perez-Giese
The City of Glendale got ripped last April by bar and strip club owners who felt that the city was trying to put them out of business with strict live-entertainment ordinances. Amid calls for Mayor Joe Rice's head, a group called the Glendale Tea Party dispatched strippers to register voters...

The Landmark Preservation Commission makes some history

8 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
For more photos of the building in jeopardy, go to I just watched history being made. Or at least recognized. The last time I attended a Landmark Preservation Commission meeting, the commissioners voted to remove the oldest building on my historic block from landmark protection ("The View," May 27,...


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