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Review: Red@Rule: Love and War Continues a Tradition Started by Robin Rule

7 months ago by Michael Paglia
The resurrected Rule Gallery in the Hinterland space in RiNo is presenting Red@Rule: Love and War,  in which nearly all the pieces prominently feature the color red. In mounting a show based on red, the new Rule is taking a page from the old Rule's exhibition playbook. Back in 1996,...

Tonight: An art collector's paradise at Sellars Project Space

6 years ago by Susan Froyd
What's a secondary art market? It's a sale of works that have been sold before and are back on the market. The advantage of buying these pre-owned works, from the collector's point of view, is the clear picture it gives for a work's resale value and present worth in the...

What Goes Around...

14 years ago by Susan Froyd
The last time around, in the fall of 2000, the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver's Colorado Biennial was in different hands, while current MCA curator Cydney Payton was wrapping up her tenure at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Payton was never shy at BMoCA (she had her own ideas of...

Group Dynamics

13 years ago by Michael Paglia
The summer will be over sooner than we think. Culturally speaking -- though not in terms of the weather -- it's set to end with Labor Day weekend. Everyone knows what Labor Day means in America: Halloween candy is in the stores, new episodes of The Sopranos are scheduled for...

Risk Management

13 years ago by Michael Paglia
One of the most hotly discussed contemporary shows of the year is the 2003 Colorado Biennial: 10 + 10, at Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art. The controversial show is undeniably important, which is not unexpected. After all, it's the state's official biennial and the lone summer attraction at Denver's official...

2001 Best of Denver Winners

9 years ago by Sean Cronin
In 2001, Westword published its eighteenth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from the Best Performance by an East High Graduate (Don Cheadle scored in Traffic) to the Best Appearance by Coloradans in an Inaugural Parade (the Precision Lawn Chair Demonstration Team marched for...


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