12 Summer Concerts You Shouldn't Miss

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Gabriel Coutu Dumont / Sade.com

1. Sade
Thursday, August 11, Pepsi Center
Sade playing the Pepsi Center in August with John Legend is like Santa coming early -- if Santa existed, of course. All in attendance will be treated to her smooth silky vocals, well-written song lyrics and incredibly talented band. This will no doubt be an intimate evening of quality music and sophisticated taste.

We're all going to miss a few bands/rappers/folk trios we wanted to see this summer. There's barbecue to be eaten, road trips to be taken, and that mojito isn't going to drink itself. But these dozen summer concerts are the ones you shouldn't miss, even if it's just to say you got to see that one band. Curated by Westword Music Editor Dave Herrera and his crew of Backbeat writers.

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