Anthrax, Exodus, High on Fire and Municipal Waste

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The Metal Alliance Tour took over the Summit Music Hall on April 2, 2013, with performances from metal legends including Anthrax, Exodus, Municipal Waste, High On Fire and Holy Grail. Westword photographer Brandon Marshall was there to capture the fans, the bands, the mosh pit and the aftermath.

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Published on April 3, 2013

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

This show KICKED MAJOR ASS, from the openers, 'Holy Grail', to the four bands including 'METAL MESSIAH'S' , EXODUS & ANTHRAX !!!

I was fortunate enough to be included w/ the 'Meet & Greets' & had the HONOR of meeting & speaking w/ Joey & Scotty from Anthrax ! I got a bunch of photos and the band signed all kinds of shit . I saw a cpl of youths that were 15 & 16 in the 'pit', the same age I was when I first got into the band ! I have all the photos w/ the guys and I & by chance,  I met the dad & uncle of the boys in the pit . I passed along everything signed to the ones who would REALLY freak, which I'm sure was done when they received everything .

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