Big hair and glory at Grizzly Rock

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Last night at the aptly named Grizzly Rock was all about big hair, tight spandex and loud rock as Hairball took over the club with an ode to '80s sound and style. Photos by Eric Gruneisen. See also: Grizzly Rock grand opening this Saturday

Published on August 11, 2012

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

We were just talking about this a cpl weeks back.

NEVER playing the 'Grizzly', and that magnificent stage !

I wish I had know there was a rock-show night. I would have

gone for the hell of it and I'll admit a little envy.

That was WAY cool of the owners to share the stage w/ those

who otherwise would have never taken a step into the establishment.

Kudos 'Grizzly' and to everyone who attended !

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