Building the Nederland Skatepark

Well, the hippies finally did it. After five years of scratching the dirt for funds, the tiny, pinecone-smoking hamlet of Nederland is opening a skateboard park this Saturday at the edge of the Barker Reservoir. It was constructed over three months by the expert skater hands of Oregon-based Airspeed Skateparks, and exceeds just about everyone�s greatest expectations, with 13,000 square-feet of concrete bowls, ledges, a pyramid, a �cradle�, and one of the most original obstacles constructed in Colorado: a green-colored, brick-patterned, wall thing that adds a whole new dimension to an old concept. What the hell are we talking about? Just look at these pictures snapped by Nedsk8 director Randy Lee showing the process from excavation to final trowling. � Jared Jacang Maher

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