Denver Broncos Cheerleader Auditions 2013

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"Just a few short months ago, the Denver Broncos' best season in years ended in disappointment. But hope springs eternal, and so do those wishing to become members of the Broncos cheerleading squad that will whip crowds into a frenzy at what we all anticipate will be even more victories to come. Our Brandon Marshall (no, not that Brandon Marshall) was on hand at the weekend event." For more, visit our full photo post.

Published on April 15, 2013

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

Tebow should be participating in this 'audition' ......

He sure the hell CAN'T play QB in the NFL !!!


Are there any cheerleaders named 'Brance' this year?  If so just hire that person and send the rest of the girls home.  It's hilarious and Bronco Brance will rule the dance FOREVER.   I love you futre mono-cheerleader Brance!

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