Denver Cruisers: Bible Belt and Panties

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The Denver Cruisers biked around the city with the theme "Bible Belt and Panties" on June 19, 2013. Westword photographer Kyle Huninghake captured these scenes of the bikes and their riders.

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Published on June 20, 2013

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max800 1 Like

@MoMo:  Sacrelidge is a subjective idea.  The practice of your religion is sacrilegious to pious followers of other religions.  I don't think Denver Cruisers is bound by your concept of sacrilege, just as I don't think you are bound by what other faiths consider sacrilegious.

@Alt:  Frankly, I don't think wearing a silly Jesus costume is an action that has much gravity.  I don't buy that he's alive somehow, watching me.  Even if he were, I don't think he would be so thin-skinned as to banish me to a torture prison forever because I dressed up as him for a bike riding party.

I also don't think that I'm "everything wrong with society," and I wonder if you'd say that about me if you knew me personally.


@max800 Soo..basically you are justifying the the blatant disrespect of Christianity??  OK.  Look, I dont give a damn what a person believes in.  Its about respect.  Disrespecting any religion is unacceptable.  So call it subjective, call it whatever makes you feel less of a douche nozzle.     


@MoMoDesu Yep, that's what I'm justifying.  Allow me to elaborate:  

Any religion is a set of ideas.   You have a set of ideas that include Jesus being the son of an all-powerful omniscient creature.  Hindus have a set of ideas that include the reincarnation of human souls into other humans, animals, or divinities.  I have a set of ideas that include holding all such beliefs subject to scientific standards of evidence.

I don't think any of those sets of ideas should be immune from criticism.  The marketplace of ideas is crippled if we protect some ideas from counterargument.


As if there weren't annoying enough, they go and throw sacrilege into the picture?  So sick of these hipster douche bags.

AltView 1 Like

Mocking God and religion all in the name of fun? Treating the cross like it's a toy necklace? Folks, this is everything wrong with society today. These poor souls, I guess they just don't understand the gravity of these actions. If you truly appreciated Jesus and his ultimate sacrafice for you, an event like this would never happen. Open your heart to His calling and stop this foolishness. Your eternal salvation depends on it. Please.

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