In the kitchen at the Village Cork wine bar

But the best dishes I tried were his finger-food appetizers, the sorts of tidbits I'd put out on trays for a gaggle of gals at a shower � except that my renditions wouldn't look, much less taste, anything like what Mohammad makes. I scalded my mouth stuffing my face with pommes frites: sweet, flawlessly roasted fingerling potatoes dusted with tarragon and a hint of truffle salt, served with tangy garlic aioli and a squeeze of lemon in a little baking dish. And I practically needed a cigarette after the beef carpaccio, silky, paper-thin slices of beef served with a tart, salty caper salad and a nest of field greens cradling a quivering golden egg yolk. Foodgasm. Seriously. Continue reading Laura Shunk's review of the Village Cork. Photos by Mark Manger.

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