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  • Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade 2014
    Green-clad revelers wound through the streets of Denver on March 15 for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. All photos by Ken Hamblin.
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  • The Ataris at Summit Music Hall
    The Ataris put on a headlining performance at Summit Music Hall on March 15; also on the bill were So Long Astoria, Reunion, Drag the River, Versus the World, and The Wiredogs. All photos by Brandon Marshall
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  • St. Patrick's Day Bikes and Beers crawl 2014
    St. Patrick's Day weekend can be a carnival of excess. A handful of active drinkers fought back on March 15 at Bikes and Beers 2. Organized by Denver Coed Soccer, the crawl visited three pubs, ending with a viewing party for the Rapids' season opener at New York, and raised money for the adult...
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  • Paddy's on Pearl 2014
    Old South Pearl Street hosted a St. Patrick's Day block party on March 15, kicking off the festivities at 11:30 a.m. with Lucky Charms and green milk. All photos by Brandon Marshall.
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  • CannaSearch marijuana job fair
    The line of jobseekers, some of them from as far away as Ohio, wrapped around the block at CannaSearch, the pot-industry job fair held at O.pen VAPE's headquarters on March 13. To find out more about some of the eager applicants looking to land everything from graphic design to growing jobs in...
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  • DSTILL Showcase 2014
    DSTILL, a weeklong celebration of artisan spirits, wrapped up on March 13 with The Showcase, a tasting at the McNichols Building featuring some 50 liquor producers. All photos by Ken Hamblin.
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  • Guess where we ate? Find out the answers.
    Every week, Cafe Society editor Lori Midson asks readers to guess the name of the restaurants where she's eating. And every week, we get Facebook messages, emails, and sometimes even calls from readers who want to try them out for themselves. Search no more: We've collected twenty of this...
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  • Griz at the Boulder Theater
    Fresh off a performance at Aspen's intimate Belly Up, Griz hit the Boulder Theater on March 12 as part of his 2014 spring tour. All photos by Eric Gruneisen.
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  • Behind the Scenes at The Plimoth
    In this week's restaurant review, Westword food critic Gretchen Kurtz visits The Plimoth to give her take on their cuisine. Read the full review of The Plimoth by Gretchen Kurtz. Photos by Danielle Lirette for Westword.
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  • Monkey Town 4 at Exdo Hall
    Dinner and a movie? How about dinner inside a movie? At Monkey Town 4, artist Montgomery Knott's new installation at Exdo Hall, diners sup on gourmet food and wine pairings inside a cube whose walls feature works by eighteen local and national video artists. We sent photographer Marissa Shevins...
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  • Restaurants of the Denver Pavilions
    Located on the 16th Street Mall, the Denver Pavilions features 40 shops and restaurants -- including establishments ranging from the casual to the involved. We sent photographer Ursula Romaine to take a look at the mall's dining options.
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  • Jagged Mountain Brewery grand opening
    Ballpark brewery Jagged Mountain held its grand opening on March 8, featuring the releases of four beers and an all-you-can-eat-and-drink food and brew pairing. All photos by Danielle Lirette. See also: New Denver breweries: Grist and Jagged Mountain
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