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  • Denver cops like to watch: The cameras that may be eyeing you
    Last year, the Denver Police Department received $1 million in federal funds to beef up their HALO video surveillance program during the DNC. Read about the cameras at Here, see pictures of some of the cameras with their locations.
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  • Up Close: Dougherty's
    This week at, Jason Sheehan's Irish eyes smile on Dougherty's. Photos by Mark Manger.
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  • The Colfax Love Photosafari
    On July 4, the Colfax Love Society will host an opening party for the Denver Colfax Photosafari Show, a collection of photographs taken of Colfax Avenue during a recent excursion. See more of the photos and get event details at
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  • Print It! at MCA
    Shark’s Ink Through June 28, MCA Denver, 1485 Delgany Street, 303-298-7554,
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  • Denver's top dog: Nathan's Hot Dog Qualifier
    Nathan's Hot Dogs held a local qualifying contest on Saturday, June 13, 2009, crowning Englewood's Marco "Mongo" Marquez the local champ and earning him a spot in the July 4 contest on Coney Island. Read Liz Kellermeyer's account on the Cafe Society blog, and see photos by her and Krista Overby...
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  • Westword Music Showcase: Curious Theatre
    Elin Palmer, Astrophagus, Houses, Hello Kavita, Achille Lauro, BDRMPPL, CacheFlowe Iuengliss, Josephine & the Mousepeople, Married In Berdichev, Pictureplane and Slight Harp, and Bela Karoli played the Cruious Theatre.
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  • Westword Music Showcase: Bannock Street Garage
    Red Stinger, Outta Controllers, Primasonic, Boldtype, No Plot Kill, Reno Divorce, and Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders played Bannock Street Garage. Photos by Aaron Thackeray (unless noted).
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  • Westword Music Showcase: Broadways
    Havok, Spare the Legion, Black Lamb, Enemy Reign, Adai, Tauntaun and To Be Eaten. Photos by Aaron Thackeray.
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  • Westword Music Showcase: Mo's
    Andrea Ball, Jen Korte, Joshua Novak, Tyler Despres, Ian Cooke, Ellison Park, and John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light played Mo's, the newish bar on Broadway.
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  • Westword Music Showcase: Bar Standard
    DJ Tyler Jacobson, Satan's Eighties Lovechild, DJ Wesley Wayne, DJ Soup, DJ Dragon, Paul Garcia and Ivy played the Bar Standard Patio while Six Months to Live, the Magic Mice, the Still City, Alan Alda, the Knew, the Swayback and Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) played downstairs.
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  • Westword Music Showcase: Dazzle
    Dazzle featured the Culhanes, Buckner Funken Jazz, the Hollyfelds, the Informants, Ninth + Lincoln Orchestra, Aakash Mittal Quartet and Greg Harris Vibe Quintet. Photos by Eric Syl Gruneisen.
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  • Westword Music Showcase: Vinyl
    Fresh Breath Committee, F.O.E., Whygee, Dent, ReMINDers, ManeLine and 3 the Hardway played Vinyl for Westword's 15th Music Showcase. Photos by Brian Landis Folkins.
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