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  • A Lotta Latte Art
    The competition was frothy and furious at Fluid Coffee Bar's "Live to the Fullest Cup" event on Friday night, a fundraiser for local Novo coffee roaster Semeon Abay, who was recently diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer. Shots were pulled, milk was steamed and froth was sculpted...
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  • Arts Week First Friday Preview
    You're in the clear. The Rockies aren't playing during this first Friday. So here's your chance to make your significant other think you're more than an uncultured slob and not miss an inning. Get out and celebrate Denver Arts Week this Friday evening.
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  • Nashville Pussy with Black Lamb @ Larimer Lounge 7/12/2008
    Black Lamb, Nashville Pussy and lots of bar shots are on display in this slide show of the bands' July 12 appearance at the Larimer Lounge. Check out a review here.
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  • PleasuresDudes at RAINN
    The PleasuresDudes worked the red carpet at the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network charity event. Check out the PleasuresDudes late every Friday night/Saturday morning at 12:37 a.m. on ABC channel 7.
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  • About Us..., The Look of Nowhere and Jezebel
    About Us..., The Look of Nowhere and Jezebel are on display now through September 6 at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Read Michael Paglia's review of the exhibits here.
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  • Last Night: Arcade Fire @ Red Rocks
    Arcade Fire blew the crowd away at Red Rocks on September 17.
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  • Tillemann-Dick Family Photos
    To help keep Timber and Annette’s eleven children straight, here’s a slide show of the different Tillemann-Dick family members, each off on wild adventures. Photos courtesy of the Tillemann-Dick family.
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  • Blues Traveler 4th of July Show at Red Rocks
    You can plan it on your calendar. Every year on the 4th of July John Popper and his Blues Traveler mates stop by Red Rocks. Here's what the show looked like through the lens of Soren McCarty.
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  • Monolith Festival Day One
    September 14 saw 25 bands take the stage(s) at the inaugural Monolith Festival.
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