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  • Blue Spruce Motel
    When the residents had to move out of this rundown East Colfax motel, they left more than dreams behind.
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  • All Dressed Up and No One to Pander To...
    The photo of Barack Obama wearing a turban and Somali tribesmanís garb on his trip to Kenya outed him as a closet Muslim and only non-cave-dwelling senior member of al-Qaeda. First circulated by the Drudge Report, the picture was dubiously addressed by the Clinton campaign, "If Barack Obama'...
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  • Over the (Long) Weekend ... Two Ton Boa and Dev-Oh! @ hi-dive
    They were not men (or women), they were Dev-Oh!, spud boys and girls. December 31 (and into January 1) @ hi-dive.
    19 images
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