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  • Disappearing Denver
    Several of Denver's historic buildings are facing extinction. See them here before they disappear, and read about them in Michael Paglia's July 19 art column.
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  • I Heart Fashion Show: Equillibrium Clothing
    Locality Productions threw a fashion show with thirteen local designers on Friday, June 8. Here are the looks from Equillibrium Clothing.
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  • February: A Month in Photos
    Take a slide show tour of February in photos at
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  • Marc Berghaus and Caroline Douglas at Sandy Carson Gallery
    Clearing: Marc Berghaus, Life Is But A Dream: Caroline Douglas and Riverhouse Editions are both on view through May 31 at Sandy Carson Gallery. Read Michael Paglia's review of the shows here.
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  • Graffiti del Pueblo, Colorado
    Pueblo, Colorado is world-renowned for its public mural project along the cement river canals that divide the city, but traditional graffiti artists have no problems getting their (sometimes) less-than-legal murals up around town as well. Photos by Adam Gildar
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  • More Big Beautiful Things at the Arvada Center
    More Big Beautiful Things is on view at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, 6901 Wadsworth Boulevard, through March 30. Read Michael Paglia's review here.
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  • KS 107.5 Summer Jam
    Saturday, June 9 has been scorched into my brain as Omarion humps a speaker, and MIMS sings "This Is Why I'm Hot" for the millionth time.
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  • The Worst Possible '80s TV Comebacks
    So, Knight Rider is back. Which is one of those sentences that most people don't want to hear, like "your check engine light is on," or "hey, look, circus clowns!" But honestly, KITT and company aren't the worst things that could come back from '80s TV.
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  • Marnie Stern & Motheater at Larimer Lounge
    Tuesday, June 26
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