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  • Macklemore and Fans at the Ogden
    Macklemore's "performance at the Ogden was not one iota short of exhilarating. His stories are deeply personal, universally relatable and delivered with such poignancy that it becomes impossible not to be moved," wrote Noah Hubbell in our
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  • Faces of Homelessness in Denver
    For homeless women in Denver, finding a safe place to sleep can be a daily struggle, one that we examine closely in this week's feature, "Bed Check." Take a closer look at life on the street for these women and the organizations working to help the city's must vulnerable residents through these...
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  • A Closer Look at So Perfect Eats
    In this week's food review, Cafe Society food critic Gretchen Kurtz visits So Perfect Eats to sample its bakery and assortment of comfort foods. Mark Manger brought back these photos from the restaurant.
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  • Cocktails of the Winter Talent Showcase
    On December 3, 2012, six top Denver bartenders showed off their skills at the Winter Talent Showcase at Ghost Plate & Tap. All photos by Cafe Society Editor Lori Midson. See also: Beer Cocktail Shakedown at Ghost Plate & Tap
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  • Red Ball 2012
    The fourth annual Red Ball raised money for AIDS awareness with a fashion show and fundraiser at the Exdo Event Center on December 2, 2012. All photos by Christopher Morgan. See also: - Red Ball 2011 - Pop Art Drag Nation - Best Costumes of 2012
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  • Holiday Handmade Craft Fair
    Dozens of Denver arts and craft vendors and enthusiasts gathered for Fancy Tiger's annual Holiday Handmade Craft Fair at the Sherman Street Event Complex on November 30 and December 1, 2012. All photos by Elyse Mitchell.
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  • Midnight in Upper Highland
    Roving nightlife photographer Christopher Morgan took to Upper Highland on December 1, 2012 to capture these candid club shots from spots including Highland Pacific Restaurant and Oyster Bar, the Hai Bar, Mead Street Station, El Camino and Coral Room. See also: - Midnight on Pearl Street -...
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  • 50 Best Costumes of the Santa Claus Pub Crawl
    The 2012 Santa Claus Pub Crawl started at Fado Irish Pub on December 1, 2012 with hundreds of people dressed in their nicest (and naughtiest) holiday costumes. All photos by Britt Chester. See also: - 2012 in Denver Nightlife Photos - Best Costumes of 2012 - November 2012 in Photos
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  • Wynkoop's Parade of Dark Beers
    Wynkoop Brewing Company hosted its third annual Parade of Darks, a holiday fundraiser featuring more than fifty dark beers from Colorado, the US and Belgium, on December 1, 2012. All photos by Christopher Morgan.
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  • 20 Dumbest Denver Criminals of 2012
    Unfortunately, there was no shortage of bizarre crime news this year -- but some of the stories were more astounding than others. Continue reading for the twenty stupidest crime stories of the year, and check out Westword's Colorado Crimes archive for more. See also: - 2012 in Denver Nightlife...
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  • 2012 in Westword Cover Stories
    Colorado had a strange year in 2012 -- and Westword chronicled it all with cover stories dedicated to the wild, weird and newsworthy in Denver throughout the year. Keep reading for images of all 52 -- and take a look at our twenty favorite Westword covers of 2012, as chosen by art director Jay...
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  • The Tattoos of the Gathering of the Juggalos
    Our favorite tattoos spotted at the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos, held July 23-27 in Thornville, Ohio. Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith. More photos: Insane Clown Posse Close Out the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos (NSFW) Milk Showers and Gilbert Gottfried: Day 3 at the Gathering of the...
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