Inspired Eats at Squeaky Bean

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Mark Manger

Bartender Nick Touch plays mad scientist at Squeaky Bean.

In this week's food review, Cafe Society food critic Gretchen Kurtz visits Squeaky Bean at its new location in LoDo. Photographer Mark Manger brought back these photos of its seasonal, progressive delights.

Published on October 17, 2012

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My group of 4 attended the Bean on the night Westwords "Genius" reviewed was published, and I must say we were inspired to comment on the "inspired" food.  I have not seen a restaurant garner such great reviews in many years (if ever), and I have not been more utterly disappointed in a restaurant experience in many years (if ever).  And that goes for all 4 in my group.  What a bunch of over-wrought, over hyped, over priced, under flavored, and undersized food.  Goodness, I am not picky when it comes to good food.  I would and will gladly return to the likes of Table 6, Duo, Mizuna, Linger, the Kitchen, Root Down, Black Cat, Rada, Frasca, Fruition, Rioja, Z Cuisine, Fuel, ...well you get the picture.  These places and many more are all just swell as far as I am concerned.  But Squeaky Bean, no way will we be back!   Oh, and let me add that the beer list is pathetic and the wine list uninspired and overpriced.  Maybe the cocktails are good. 

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