Iron Artist Live-Art Competition

Fourteen artists competed in the second-annual Iron Artist live-art competition at The Other Side Arts on Saturday, August 20, 2011. Some artists worked with the aid of an assistant, others alone, and other artists even assisted each other. Approximately 200 people attended the event, with TOSA staff from the Aurora location assisting their Denver counterparts. Artists occupied the main room on the ground floor, the second floor, the metal shop and even the alley outside. There was no air conditioning. Despite the sweltering heat, the crowd remained in good spirits. Photos by Taryn Kapronica.

Artists were identified under the following categories:

- Mixed Media (Scott Hawn)
- Fabric (Sophie Melich)
- Painting (Daniel Sorenson, Randy Segura, Milt Denny, Allison Whelan, Michael O'Donnell)
- Metal (Aaron Williams, Charles Lefkowitz, David Dunn)
- Spray Paint (Kyle Carpenter)
-Bottle Caps (Amanda Willshire)
- Encaustic (Donald Nash)
- Architect (Tina Du Mond)

The secret ingredient was a deck of playing cards. Artists were not required to use all cards.

Three awards were up for grabs: TOSA Iron Artist 2011, Most Funds Raised, Best Creative Use of Material (this award was decided by vote by attendees). 

Tina Du Mond walked away with the top prize, TOSA Iron Artist 2011. She had won last year for Best Creative Use of Material.

Milt Denny, TOSA's longest residing artist, won Most Funds Raised.

Amanda Willshire, the bottle cap artist, won for Best Creative Use of Material.

Returning spray paint artist Kyle Carpenter had won TOSA Iron Artist and Most Funds Raised last year, but did not win this year. 

At the end of the event artists put their quick creations up for silent auction. Most had also donated other pieces prior to the start of the competition to the auction as well.  

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