Marijuana: Ten best concentrates of 2013

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Dry-ice-extracted kief - Pure

"They specialize in ice water-extracted hash, including one blend that looked more like dark amber tree sap than hash. I was assured it was pure plant material extracted with water, then whipped into a taffy-like consistency. But to me, the dry ice hash was the standout. It was fairly priced at $20 a gram for the blended, eucalyptus-smelling red powder and it was the perfect addition to bowls and vape loads for an extra kick."

William Breathes breaks down his favorite oils, waxes, budders and more.

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Published on January 7, 2014

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one small issue with the description of the kobe shatter has to do with the mention of "pre 98 bubba kush." the originator of that strain a Coloradoan, Bubba yes his real name just last month stated in his interview with high times magazine, “you’ve got identity thieves at work in this industry. One of my pet peeves is people out there calling their strain ‘Pre-’98 Bubba.’ There’s no way there was more than one pheno-type by 1998, since it was created in 1997!” with so many used to the old days of just marijuana, no sativa, no indica, strains let me count them from my youth all four (if you include ditch weed) , thai stick, hawaiian and bubba kush e.g. the equivalent of your basic vanilla, choc., and strawberry ice cream. now though we have dozens upon dozens of new strains, new names with newbs and old timers alike attempting to take it all in. bubba kush like my old 68 mustang convert. is a classic and one of a kind with many usurping the name and reputation. sadly most buyers of the faux kush never knowing the difference between the pretenders and the real deal. so just saying buyer beware when you hear the words "bubba kush." that said a very nice write up on concentrates appreciated!

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