"Not Our President": Anti-Trump Protesters Snarl Downtown Traffic and Block I-25

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Kyle Harris
Donald Trump is "not our president." That was the rallying cry as thousands marched through Denver's streets on Thursday night. The anti-Trump protest, organized in the wake of Tuesday's election, started at the Capitol Building at 5:30 p.m. and then headed west through central Denver as protesters snarled traffic for hours. The action peaked as demonstrators marched under the Colfax Avenue viaduct, ran up a dirt embankment, and stormed I-25, shutting down the interstate for roughly half an hour. Police arrived and "pepper balls were used in a very isolated manner to help redirect demonstrators off I-25," according to the DPD; there were no arrests. Activists regrouped and wound back through downtown to the Capitol, where the demonstration dwindled and finally ended near midnight. Photos by Kyle Harris.