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What was launched more than a dozen years ago by KTCL as Rave on the Rocks and later came to be known as the Weekend of E has since evolved into a three-day electronic festival. Global again went down last weekend. Aaron Thackeray brings back these photos from the annual dance-music party at Red Rocks, shot on Saturday, July 21, 2012.

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Published on July 22, 2012

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After scrolling through these pictures I feel older than ever, Im 31. Some questions/thoughts that came to mind :


- What's with the black framed glasses with no prescription ? I understand you are trying to be hip and show off your devil may care attitude, but it doesn't have the same affect when a thousand other people are wearing the same thing.

- Did all of these people go to the same apprentice tattoo artist ?

- I was happy to see at least one girl with self respect, ( the blonde in the white dress )

- Would anyone show up to these shows if there was no MDMA available ?

- These are our future leaders, I weep for the future


oh no!! sexual expression!!! not in my Colorado! Not in my Redrocks! --- oh wait, I'm nobody, in charge of nothing. I guess I should probably shut up.


So much negativity eh? haha probably a whole bunch of old depressed people who wish they would have gone to Global Dance Festival :)

kinky101 1 Like

yup the RAG westword is known for its crap, thats why the pay idiot wanna be photogs for crotch shots. The lowest form of so called journalism, all while the get 6 figure paychecks cuz only idiots and dumbass's read this RAG! As usual we will notify your stupid advertisers of the crap you spread.


For anyone viewing these from outside Colorado - this is NOT your typical Red Rocks crowd.  Yikes.  Why does everyone seem think it's cool to look either like a prostitute or gangster?

KylePawlak 1 Like

i've never seen a more disturbing collection of heinous girls in slutty outfits. this is my halloween nightmare. the only thing worse than having to be surrounded by this batch of drugged up floozies would be to couple it to the soundtrack of dub step. . . this is the biggest tragedy to hit Colorado this summer



 you give people with the last name pawlak a bad rep. this is its 10th year at red rocks so i think its not just a couple of "floozies" its a community of people just enjoying the PLUR (peace love unity respect) and it sucky you have to be like that to people u dont know.


I saw/have seen this chick around Denver...this pic DOES NOT do her justice.she's completely stunning in person.


SC310, you are a disgusting human, to blast some girl based on a picture 


ewww, this bitch is DISGUSTING!

jp00 1 Like


 Very thoughtful observation, especially in light of everything we've been through in the last three days. Go back under your rock, sc310

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