Recreational Marijuana: Inside Boulder's Terrapin Care Station

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Nearly two months after pot shops opened their doors in Colorado, Boulder got its first recreational dispensary with the grand opening of Terrapin Care Station. All photos by Ken Hamblin.

Published on February 22, 2014

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their Boulder OPC can't produce a single plant without spider mites, aphids, or powdery mildew. they don't even know what an integrated pest management strategy is. a grower lets his dog follow him everywhere through the Denver OPC. not-good working conditions for anyone who is contracted to trim either.

borrow a friends magnifying glass and look... you will probably feel sick. especially if you knew about how they use the best of the worst plants for hash.

they still harvest plants with living spiders still on the webs that were spun on the buds. sick patients are smoking 1000's of little creatures with every toke. just imagine how many of those nasty buggers are extracted into that edible you just ate. don't be fooled, there are hundreds of grows/dispensaries producing nasty meds...

these comments in no way reflect my opinion towards the terrapin staff/management, or the westword. the truth is out there, and westword doesn't cover it. when will we see unbiased reviews?

terrapin station – good song, bad meds...


@greg-green  FYI if anyone has issues like that it is most to do with the plants that are bred/seeds with bad genes that cause this... its like a hereditary issue... much alike heart disease in humans these plants cant reject the issue at hand. but tell me what eating a few bugs will do to you besides give your daily intake of protein higher ;p


@nicnakorda @greg-greenSpider Mites eat fresh tissue from under the leaves and lay many eggs. Genetic provide a small amount of differentiation when it comes to whether the mites will do damage. They have to eat to survive and temperature is the only way they will slow down or speed up their eating. Spraying with a systemic professional miticide is the best way to go but not during flowering.You should be able to kill all of them during veg cycle and the flower chamber should be cleaned and sterile. Staying clean and using miticide treatments during veg cycle should be enough to give you no problem but pruning off unnecessary leaves should be a priority but so many leave garbage on their plants because they think they're losing something by cutting off that low light unproductive branches, well doing so adds size up top.