Ten dankest marijuana strains of 2011

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10. Allgreens -- Kong -- ($40/eighth)

Every time I popped open a jar, the smell reminded me of strong diesel fumes mixed with, ironically, the rubbery scent of a new Kong dog chew toy. Oddly, there wasn't an extremely strong smell to the bud itself until you broke it up; then it released a much more pungent, nose-turning funk. Really pretty bud, too: dark green with hues of purple in just the right light and tiny calyxes covered in white trichomes that looked like Velcro under a microscope. Crystals fell like snowflakes on my desk while I was breaking up the herb for a spliff. It had a strong, Chemy (Chemdawg, not chemicals) taste to the first three or four hits, but it lost flavor by the middle of the joint. Smoked in a bowl later, the bud kept its flavor and burned to a white ash. Since our review of this strain, the prices dropped from $50 an eighth to $40 an eighth, with ounces selling for as low as $150.

Our marijuana critic, William Breathes, smoked more than 140 different samples of medical marijuana in 2011. We sent him down fuzzy-memory lane and asked him to pick out the top ten strains he smoked, and here are the results along with the original strain writeup from his Mile Highs and Lows dispensary review.

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I have to question why WW would feature this two year old article.  Most dispensaries go downhill, as soon as they're reviewed...how is one to rely on ancient reviews?  What I'm looking for is a dispensary which regularly tests and posts results of those tests with it's products.

Another interesting notion would be to have quarterly followups on the highest rated dispensaries, just to make sure those great ratings didn't go to their heads, so to speak.  Of this much I'm fairly confident:  Dispensaries that want to stay in business will have to step up their games (most of them, anyway).

Inconsistent product quality, unfathomable pricing structures and gimmicky promotions mean, even if a customer buys some product, he/she won't be back.  I can name at least ten dispensaries off the top of my head whose doorsteps I'll not darken, again, after being burned.

MMJ may be in its infancy, but it's no newborn.  Where are the scientists, agriculturalists and horticulturalists in the industry?

William, I wouldn't know a trichrome from Kodachrome...those things are for the professionals.  Just tell me where the best bud in town can be procured!  Surely there must be a few places where "top shelf" means more than where the jars sit in a display case!!

One last thing...some of the ignorant among us wouldn't mind LEARNING about the things about which you talk, in your reviews.  Would it kill you to explain some of the things about which you speak?  I've learned a lot about wine, over the years...why should pot be any different?

Keep up the good work!

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